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News stories tagged with "tolerance"

Religion reporter Gustav Niebuhr
Religion reporter Gustav Niebuhr

Promoting understanding between religions

How can people of different religions learn to live together in peace? Especially, since 9/11, many religious leaders and scholars have been trying to answer that question. Gustav Niebuhr's book, Beyond Tolerance, explores the importance of interfaith dialogue and action in a post 9/11 world. Niebuhr has worked as a religion reporter, most recently for the New York Times, and has established a reputation as a leading writer about American religion. His work has been published in books, magazines and websites, and he does occasional commentaries on religion for NPR. Gustav Niebuhr will give a lecture on his book "Beyond Tolerance" at SUNY Potsdam tonight (7 pm). Niebuhr is a professor of journalism and religion at Syracuse University. He told Todd Moe that it's not enough for us to speak about being tolerant, but that we must actually be tolerant of those different from ourselves.  Go to full article

Rumors of Violence Frighten Parents, Students at Saranac Lake Schools

Four students have been arrested in Saranac Lake for allegedly painting threatening graffiti and spreading rumors of a Columbine-style massacre. The latest arrest, of a 16-year-old male student, was made on Monday night. Police and school officials say the threats frightened hundreds of parents and children, but there was no actual plot. As Chris Knight reports, many parents kept their kids home yesterday, the day the rumored "bloodbath" was supposed to take place.  Go to full article

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