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Toronto, ON. Photo: <a href="">Michael Gil</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved
Toronto, ON. Photo: Michael Gil, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

61,000 still without power in Ontario

Approximately 61,000 customers are still without power in Ontario, six days after the ice storm caused massive outages across the province.

In Toronto, about 48,000 customers are waiting for their power to be restored.  Go to full article

These aren't the droids you're looking for...

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These aren't the droids you're looking for...

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The Via Rail/Amtrak train "Maple Leaf" (shown here near Niagara Falls) makes the Toronto to New York City run. Photo: <a href="">Diego Torres Silvestre</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved
The Via Rail/Amtrak train "Maple Leaf" (shown here near Niagara Falls) makes the Toronto to New York City run. Photo: Diego Torres Silvestre, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Canada disrupts Al Qaeda-supported "major terror plot"

Canadian officials say they have disrupted a "major" terror plot involving two men in Montreal and Toronto who were planning to derail a VIA passenger train.

According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the pair were working with support from Al Qaeda elements based in Iran. Sources in the US say the men were planning to attack a train traveling from Toronto to New York City.

This news comes at a time when concerns are rising about terrorism activity based in Canada.  Go to full article
Kevin Crabb
Kevin Crabb

Drummer Kevin Crabb returns to Toronto to record the new CD, Waltz for Dylan

Kevin Crabb grew up in Toronto but has lived in Los Angeles since his college days at Pepperdine University. His debut CD, Waltz for Dylan, was recorded in his hometown and features nine original compositions. He talked about it with Joel Hurd on The Bridge  Go to full article
John McLean
John McLean

Mr. Something Something: Afrobeat with a message

Deep African beats and environmental activism make a special appearance in Potsdam this week. Toronto-based band Mr. Something Something is playing at La Casbah Moroccan restaurant Thursday night at 8:30 pm. The band's music is rooted in Afrobeat. It's a style created by the legendary musician and political activist Fela Kuti of Nigeria. It features lots of drums playing hypnotic grooves, horns punctuating phrases, and lyrics with a message. The band describes its music as "the soundtrack to a joyful revolution." Mr. Something Something was co-founded by John McLean, who's actually a Potsdam native. He hasn't been here since he was little, and he told David Sommerstein he's excited to return. McLean says he and childhood friend Larry Graves have played together since they were in first grade. Advance tickets are $8, $10 at the door. You can get yours by calling 315-274-9696 or e-mailing  Go to full article

Preview: "The Vinyl Cafe" in Ogdensburg

Host Stuart McLean brings The Vinyl Cafe Christmas Show to the George Hall Auditorium in Ogdensburg this Friday night. Tickets are still available. The special event is the finale of a yearlong celebration of NCPR's 40th anniversary. The live holiday show will feature McLean's stories for the season and special musical guests. Todd Moe spoke with McLean about The Vinyl Cafe radio show that airs Sunday afternoons at 3 pm on NCPR.  Go to full article
Jonathan Tortolano
Jonathan Tortolano

Something old and new on the cello

Cellist Jonathan Tortolano returns to his home state Saturday for a recital at the Commmunity Church in Stowe (noon). Tortolano grew up in Vermont, studied with renowned cellist Elsa Hilger and lived and performed in Europe for years. He now lives in Toronto and regularly performs with orchestras across the region, including the Orchestra of Northern New York. He told Todd Moe that his recital on Saturday will include a solo suite by Bach, a work by George Crumb, and a new piece for cello.  Go to full article

In Toronto, Two Cultures Collide

The arrest of 17 Muslim men and boys in a Toronto suburb on terror charges has triggered a new debate over Canada's approach to immigration. Tolerance and multiculturalism are mainstream values in Canada, especially in liberal Ontario. But some Canadians -- including members of the Muslim community -- worry that a growing number of immigrants don't share common values with their fellow citizens. Brian Mann reports from Toronto.  Go to full article

Rough Water for New Fast Ferries

The "Spirit of Ontario" has been tied to its dock in Rochester since the ferry company suspended service in September after less than three months of daily trips to Toronto. Mayor William Johnson says meetings this week are aimed at convincing the city council and Rochester's state Legislature delegation that quick action is needed on his plan to save the ferry. The Rochester-Toronto boat is one of two high speed ferries that began operations on the Great Lakes this year. As the Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Chuck Qirmbach reports, the other ferry had a better first season.  Go to full article

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