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Tower climber Wally Reardon at 1100 feet
Tower climber Wally Reardon at 1100 feet

Life in the air as a tower climber

Communications tower climbers from around New York will gather in Syracuse for a safety conference on Saturday. According to OSHA, building and maintaining cell towers is the deadliest job in the country. The conference will focus on climbers' perspectives on tower safety. Among those offering their thoughts is former climber Dale Remington, whose son died last December when a tower he was working on in Oneida County collapsed. Todd Moe talks with experienced tower climber Wally Reardon, who lives in Pulaski. Reardon climbed towers for ten years before a shoulder injury forced him to retire. He told Todd that his climbing career began on a local feed mill's grain towers at a time when he was terrified of heights. For more information about Saturday's conference, call: 315-298-2312.  Go to full article

New progress on cell phones eases Adirondack tower feud

On Friday, the Adirondack Park Agency gave the green light to a new cell phone tower near Paul Smiths College, north of Saranac Lake. The project comes at a time when towers are being built at a rapid pace across the Adirondacks. As Brian Mann reports, that progress follows years of feuding between state regulators, cell phone companies and environmentalists.  Go to full article

Lawmakers demand Northway cell towers by winter

A group of North Country lawmakers is joining with members of a local rescue squad and the AAA driving club to demand temporary cell phone towers on I-87. A remote stretch of the highway has no phone service. The lack of towers was blamed for a death last winter. As Brian Mann reports, supporters say temporary towers might save lives.  Go to full article

"Frankenpine" Tower Suit Thrown Out

A state Supreme Court judge in Saratoga Springs has dismissed an
environmental group's lawsuit over a controversial cell phone tower on Lake George. The so-called "frankenpine" tower will be built to look like a huge pine tree. The Adirondack Council sued to block the plan, arguing that it would mar a scenic vista. But as Brian Mann reports, the case was dismissed on a technicality.  Go to full article

Fake Pine Tower For Pilot Knob Clears Hurdle, Faces Suit

The Lake George Park Commission says a cell phone tower on Pilot Knob won't harm scenic views. Nextel plans to disguise the tower as a giant fake pine tree and already has approval from the Adirondack Park Agency. But as Brian Mann reports, a pro-environment group now plans to sue to stop the project.  Go to full article

Controversial Lake George Cell Tower Faces APA Opposition

State officials with the Adirondack Park Agency say a cell phone tower proposed for the hills above Lake George is unnecessary and would harm the region's scenic views. A company called Nextel hopes to disguise the tower as a fake pine tree. Environmental groups have called the project "frankenpine". Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article

Saratoga Tower Project Faces APA Vote

Local officials in Saratoga County are hoping to build 3 controversial broadcast towers on mountain summits inside the Adirondack Park. This week, the APA will decide whether to send the project to a full public hearing. Brian Mann reports.  Go to full article

Tower Feud: Saratoga County & APA Square Off

The Adirondack Park Agency has worked hard to improve relations with local governments in the region. But last week, a dispute with Saratoga County erupted into public. Town and county officials hope to build three emergency broadcast towers on prominent mountain summits inside the Park. They've accused the Park Agency of delaying a project that's vital for public safety.
APA officials say the towers could do unnecessary harm to forests and scenic views. They say Saratoga County has been uncooperative and has refused to consider more environmentally-friendly technology. As Brian Mann reports, the feud could shape the APA's response to other government-sponsored projects.  Go to full article

Plan For Emergency Towers in Adirondacks Clears Hurdle

Officials in Saratoga County have moved a step closer to winning approval for a new emergency communications system in the southern Adirondacks. The plan calls for 90-foot towers and new roads to be built on three pristine mountain summits. Pro-environment groups say the towers are unnecessary and will wreck scenic vistas. But as Brian Mann reports, the Adirondack Park Agency now says many of the technical questions for the project have been answered.  Go to full article

Saratoga Towers Plan Receives State Support

Saratoga County's push to build three new broadcast towers in the Adirondack Parks received a boost yesterday. Town supervisors released a report created by the state's Office For Technology which supports the project. Brian Mann reports.  Go to full article

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