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Martha Foley's Christmas tree, in bloom. Photo: Everett Smith
Martha Foley's Christmas tree, in bloom. Photo: Everett Smith

Bring on spring with early indoor blossoms

"Forcing" plants and bulbs to bloom is an easy way to bring spring fragrance and color into the house, long before the first spring flowers.

Cornell Cooperative Extension horticulturist Amy Ivy reviews how to handle the paper whites, amaryllis and other bulbs commonly given for holiday gifts.

Martha Foley got both for Christmas. She also got a surprise from her Christmas tree, the very top of a tall blown-down balsam tree. It's blooming, too. Among the lights and ornamments are dozens and dozens of spiky green flowers that would have turned into cones this summer.  Go to full article

Recycling your Christmas tree

Most cities discourage you from throwing your Christmas tree away. Rebecca Williams takes a look at what you can do with your tree.  Go to full article

Natural Selections: In Brief?Rainforests and Avalanches

The distribution of plant and animal species can be shaped by many factors. Dr. Curt Stager and Martha Foley look at the ways trees distribute themselves in the rainforest, and how avalanches affect the ranging habits of bear.  Go to full article

Assessing Winter's Toll on Trees and Shrubs

Martha Foley talks with Amy Ivy about assessing winter damage to shrubs and trees and what can be done--and things to keep in mind as the snow melts and spring fever hits.  Go to full article

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