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News stories tagged with "trees"

Shopping for the garden begins

You've had all winter to plan this year's garden. Now, it's time to head to the local garden center. Martha Foley talks with horticulturist Amy Ivy about shopping for shrubs.  Go to full article

More about planning and planting trees

Martha Foley and horticulturist Amy Ivy talk about choosing the right trees for your yard and where to put them.  Go to full article

Tips for choosing the right tree

Horticulturist Amy Ivy has some tips on tree and shrub planting. It's too early to plant, but not too early to plan.  Go to full article

Winter damage to trees

This season's snow and freezing rain have been difficult for trees. Martha Foley and horticulturist Amy Ivy talk about tips for dealing with winter damage of trees.  Go to full article

Tips for keeping shrubs snug this winter

Martha Foley and horticulturist Amy Ivy talk about protecting shrubs and trees from winter weather.  Go to full article

Natural Selections: Tree Shapes

Martha Foley and Dr. Curt Stager explain how tree shapes, like our own physical shapes, are determined by both genetics and environment.  Go to full article

New book celebrates trees at Ottawa?s arboretum

A new book out this week celebrates trees and the arboretum at Ottawa's Central Experimental Farm. It's a reference book for common trees of the North East, and a walking guide for the arboretum. Proceeds will support continuing efforts by the Friends of the Farm to protect and enhance the historic outdoor space. Photos from the book are featured in the farm's October art show. Ottawa correspondent Lucy Martin spoke with the co-authors of For the Love of Trees at the edge of the arboretum.  Go to full article

Fall foliage reaching peak fall colors

It should be a nice weekend for some fall color spotting around the region. Jim Carroll and his wife, Gina, are "leaf peepers" for the state tourism office. They live in Tupper Lake, but have been on the road from Whiteface to Saratoga Springs this week. Jim told Todd Moe that fall colors are reaching their peak in the northern Adirondacks this weekend.  Go to full article

How the drought affects garden chores

Martha Foley talks with horticulturist Amy Ivy about the dry conditions in the garden and yard. Amy says summer chores continue, while some fall work should be delayed.  Go to full article

Commentary: The economics of early fall color

They're like a banner announcing the change of season -- the occasional spray of vivid red leaves along the roadside or the water's edge. They DO foreshadow the color change to come. But why so early? Commentator, and arborist, Paul Hetzler lives in St. Lawrence County. he says it has to do with the tree's balance sheet, as well as the time of year.  Go to full article

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