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Trudeau's high tech labs will remain in Saranac Lake
Trudeau's high tech labs will remain in Saranac Lake

BREAKING: Trudeau Institute will stay in Saranac Lake

This news just in from Trudeau Institute in Saranac Lake.

The organization has announced plans unambiguously to remain at its current headquarters in the Adirondacks.

Here's the statement from President David Woodland:

"The Trudeau Institute is committed to Saranac Lake and is dedicated to advancing biomedical research in the region. As we further develop our long-term plan focused on maintaining our status as a premier research organization, our goal is to continue to thrive in the Adirondacks while pushing the frontiers of biomedical science."

This news is sending shockwaves of the happiest sort through the North Country.

Losing Trudeau would have been a serious blow to the region's economy and would have been devastating to Saranac Lake, the Adirondacks' largest community.

Here's the full press statement:  Go to full article
Schumer wants to keep Trudeau's cutting edge research in the Adirondacks (File photo)
Schumer wants to keep Trudeau's cutting edge research in the Adirondacks (File photo)

Schumer presses to keep Trudeau Institute in Saranac Lake

Over the past few months, Saranac Lake's Trudeau Institute has been studying its options for future growth.

Consultants hired by the Institute have been evaluating several possibilities including expansion of the biomedical research institute's current facilities, the building a new clinical research site out of state or Trudeau leaving Saranac Lake for a new location - an option that has sparked concern among local residents and politicans.

U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer jumped into the fray Wednesday when he announced that he had called Trudeau director David Woodland personally last week to ask him and the Institute's board of trustees to keep Trudeau in Saranac Lake.
Chris Knight has the latest.  Go to full article

Trudeau Institute considers sister site

For the first time in its 126-year history, Trudeau Institute is considering expanding to an off-site location. Officials at the Saranac Lake-based biomedical research institute said last week that they're looking into the possibility of building a clinical research facility for as many as 12 to 19 scientists in another, out-of-state location. Chris Knight reports.  Go to full article

Trudeau hosts scientists studying the body's defenses

Researchers from around the world gathered in Saranac Lake over the weekend to talk about disease. The conference at Trudeau Institute focused on efforts to develop new vaccines, and a better understanding of the human immune system. As Brian Mann reports, the meeting was held against the backdrop of the growing swine flu pandemic.  Go to full article
Researchers will create "clouds" of infectious microbes in this containment area (Source:  Trudeau Institute)
Researchers will create "clouds" of infectious microbes in this containment area (Source: Trudeau Institute)

New Saranac Lake lab will push frontiers of disease research, cautiously

Yesterday we reported on the growth of the Trudeau Institute in Saranac Lake, which is adding three new research teams. Over the next few months, Trudeau Institute will certify its new research wing, named for former state Senator Ronald Stafford. Once it's brought on-line, the facility will be closed to the public forever. Even most of the Institute's staff won't be allowed inside. That's because the researchers working in the lab will handle some of world's deadliest diseases, including airborne strains of tuberculosis and influenza. Brian Mann was allowed a rare glimpse inside the lab and has our story.  Go to full article
Edward Livington Trudeau at work on Church Street (Source:  Trudeau Institute)
Edward Livington Trudeau at work on Church Street (Source: Trudeau Institute)

Modern Trudeau research carries on a tradition that began in 1880s

After touring the new research lab in Saranac Lake, NCPR went across town to the original research building once used by Edward Livingston Trudeau in the 1880s. Brian met with Mary Hotaling, with the Saranac Lake Historical Society. She says the tradition of cutting-edge research in the village goes back more than 120 years.  Go to full article
Trudeau Institute director David Woodland
Trudeau Institute director David Woodland

Trudeau Institute drives Saranac Lake?s booming bio-tech economy

It's been a tough year for the North Country economy. Government agencies have implemented hiring freezes. Many local firms have trimmed staff. Unemployment in many parts of the region tops ten percent, running well above the state and national averages. But in Saranac Lake, one bright spot is the expansion of Trudeau Institute. The research lab founded in the 1880s to battle tuberculosis has reinvented itself as one of the top science institute's in the country studying the human immune system. Now Trudeau is adding new jobs and preparing to open a massive new laboratory. Brian Mann has part one of our series on Trudeau's history and its impact in the North Country.  Go to full article

The science of Swine Flu

The director of Saranac Lake's Trudeau Institute says initial evidence shows swine flu may not be very lethal and could be easily controlled by vaccination. Dr. David Woodland took part in a panel discussion on swine flu Friday at Paul Smith's College. As Chris Knight reports, the event focused on the science of influenza, the likelihood of swine flu pandemic and pandemic preparedness.  Go to full article

Trudeau staff moving on

The Trudeau Institute has lost two of its top researchers and about a dozen other scientists. Dr. Frances Lund and Dr. Troy Randall, senior faculty members at the Saranac Lake biomedical research lab, are moving to the University of Riochester Medical Center. As Chris Knight reports, officials at the institute say the search for replacements in already underway.  Go to full article
EL Trudeau honored with new "Distinguished Americans" stamp (Source: USPS)
EL Trudeau honored with new "Distinguished Americans" stamp (Source: USPS)

Saranac Lake TB pioneer EL Trudeau honored with "Distinguished Americans" stamp

Yesterday in Saranac Lake, the US Postal Service unveiled a new stamp honoring Dr. Edward Livingston Trudeau. Trudeau was a pioneering physician and tuberculosis researcher. But he was also invented the community of Saranac Lake, which remains the biggest community in the Adirondacks. Trudeau's sanatorium closed a half-century ago, but as Brian Mann reports, his work continues to echo through American culture.  Go to full article

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