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One of Battaglia's iconic images from 2014 will be Erin Hamlin's moment of victory in Sochi.  Photo:  Nancie Battaglia
One of Battaglia's iconic images from 2014 will be Erin Hamlin's moment of victory in Sochi. Photo: Nancie Battaglia

Hamlin celebration set for Thursday in Remsen

A tiny town on the southern tip of the Tug Hill Plateau is getting ready for an Olympic-scale celebration. Luger Erin Hamlin, who won a Bronze medal in the Sochi Olympic Games, is scheduled to return home to the town of Remsen Thursday around 7 pm.  Go to full article
Loretta Lepkowski's <i>The Cow with the Golden Tail</i>, a pastel of Eric Sherman and Carl.
Loretta Lepkowski's The Cow with the Golden Tail, a pastel of Eric Sherman and Carl.

Old Forge Library exhibit highlights Tug Hill family farms

Lewis County artist Loretta Lepkowski's exhibit, Farming and Folks of the Tug Hill and Adirondack Region, is on display at the Old Forge Library this month. She says the inspiration for her narrative paintings comes from growing up on a southern Lewis County farm.  Go to full article
Derek, 28, and Jake, 23, Conway in their freestall barn.
Derek, 28, and Jake, 23, Conway in their freestall barn.

Farmers Under 40: business sense and passion for young dairy farmers

Today, we continue our week-long series Farmers Under 40 with a look at the young people getting into what many consider a shriveling industry.

Dairy remains one of the biggest overall drivers of the North Country economy. Yet half the dairy farms there were twenty years ago are gone. The average age of a dairy farmer is almost 60 years old. Some years it costs more to milk a cow than you can sell the milk for.

till, young farmers are going into dairy. And as David Sommerstein reports, they're bringing a sharp business acumen and a passion to the barn.  Go to full article

A passion for bluebirds

A co-founder of the New York State Bluebird Society will lead a free program on attracting bluebirds to backyards Tuesday night in Watertown. John Rogers has maintained an extensive trail of bluebird nest boxes in the Tug Hill region for more than 35 years and is a recognized authority on bluebird conservation. His lecture is sponsored by the Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust. Rogers told Todd Moe that he'll talk about the life history of the Eastern Bluebird and nest box management tomorrow night.

John Rogers' program is at 6:30 Tuesday night at the Flower Memorial Library in Watertown. To RSVP call: 315-779-2239.  Go to full article
Tug Hill Commission now faces a budget cut on par with other state agencies

Tug Hill Commission restored

A joint budget conference committee has restored money for the Tug Hill Commission in the state budget. According to State Senator Patty Ritchie's office, the Assembly agreed to the Senate's funding level of $1.1 million. That's a 10 percent cut from last year, on par with other state agencies. Todd Moe has more.  Go to full article

Tough choices in 122nd Assembly race

Across the North Country--and throughout much of the U.S.--candidates are calling for more jobs and less taxes.

But in the North Country, many paychecks depend on taxes. This is certainly the case in the 122nd Assembly District, spanning all of Lewis and much of St Lawrence and Jefferson counties.

The candidates in this race are among the few politicians who acknowledge their plans include cutting the positions relied on by many people across the region.

As Jonathan Brown reports, this isn't the only thing making this a key race to watch  Go to full article

All things cream cheese in Lowville

Workers at the Kraft plant in Lowville are focussed on one of their biggest assignments this year -- creating a cheesecake large enough to feed hundreds. They call it the world's largest cheesecake and it's one of the highlights of the sixth annual Cream Cheese Festival in Lowville on Saturday. Todd Moe spoke with Eric Virkler, Lewis County economic development director, about the festival. Virkler says there's other food, besides the cheesecake, along with music, art and a recipe contest.  Go to full article

Ft. Drum debuts buffer program

As Fort Drum continues to grow, it's using more and more of its sprawling military reservation for live-fire training. That can be a problem for civilian neighbors just outside Drum's boundaries. So the military is buying easements on land just off Fort Drum to prevent people from building more houses or businesses there. It's called the Army Compatible Use Buffer program, (ACUB). The land will be managed by the Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust. Fort Drum's announcing the signing of its first three easements in Philadelphia and LeRay in Jefferson County at a ceremony tomorrow. David Sommerstein spoke with Betty Jones, Fort Drum's community planner, about the land deals.  Go to full article

Council seeks new approach to environment

A council of state agencies is calling for better cooperation to protect damaged coastal ecosystems. Commercial fishing has dropped sharply and beach closings from contamination are rising along New York's Great Lakes and Atlantic coasts. A project on the Tug Hill Plateau is already testing out a new management style that brings government and local residents together. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Painting spectacular views on the Tug Hill

Artists will hit the trail in the Tug Hill region this Saturday to capture their favorite spots along the Trenton Falls Gorge on canvas. Privately owned by a power company, the trail is only open to the public on a few weekends each year. Todd Moe previews the "Tug Hill Paint Out '08."  Go to full article

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