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Big Tupper ski area to re-open

Despite the forecast of freezing rain over the weekend, activists working to revive the Big Tupper ski area say they're hoping to open the sloped tomorrow morning. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Classic Tupper Lake history book reborn

Todd Moe talks with publisher and editor Andy Flynn about the new edition of Mostly Spruce and Hemlock. The Tupper Lake history book was first published by Louis Simmons in 1976. Simmons was a well-known newspaperman and historian in the town for more than 40 years. His book details the early days of life in Tupper Lake and was an instant best-seller. Flynn says the new edition is a reprint of the classic book.  Go to full article

Preview: An Adirondack Christmas Carol

A Dickens classic has been given an Adirondack twist. Set in and around Indian Lake, "An Adirondack Christmas Carol", follows the story of Scrooge as he travels through Adirondack history and the future to learn about the true spirit of generosity and family. The show opens in Indian Lake. Todd Moe spoke with actor Dan King who plays Scrooge. King's an artist who moved to Tupper Lake three years ago from Tampa Bay.  Go to full article
Bill Mozdzier and Jim LaValley work to get Chair 2 ready for opening day.
Bill Mozdzier and Jim LaValley work to get Chair 2 ready for opening day.

After a lost decade, volunteers bring Big Tupper ski hill back to life

Big Tupper used to be a beloved destination for skiers and families from across the North Country. Now a group of volunteers and activists in Tupper lake is fighting to bring the mountain back. If all goes as planned in the next few weeks, the ski area will reopen for the first time in more than a decade. Brian Mann visited the mountain and has our story.  Go to full article

APA action expected on Big Tupper, snowmobile trails

A plan to reopen a chairlift and ski trails at the defunct Big Tupper Ski Area is expected to win final Adirondack Park Agency approval today. The permit was approved by an APA committee yesterday.

Big Tupper has been closed since 1999. A group of volunteers in Tupper Lake has been raising funds and working to reopen chair 2 and possibly the rope tow at the ski center. The effort comes as developer Michael Foxman's plans to reopen the ski center and build a large resort development around the mountain are headed to an adjudicatory hearing, possibly early next year.

Guidelines for construction and maintenance of snowmobile trails on state land in the Adirondacks are expected to come to a final vote today at the APA meeting in Ray Brook. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Hacketts' bankruptcy no surprise

An iconic North Country retailer has filed for bankruptcy. Hacketts stores filed a petition for Chapter 11 bankruptcy yesterday. President and COO Herbert Becker said in a press release the move will allow the company to "assure its financial viability while repaying creditors". He said Hacketts intends to keep its existing stores in Ogdensburg, Massena, Tupper Lake, and Sackets Harbor open.

Hacketts was founded in Ogdensburg in the mid-1800s. At its peak two years ago, Hacketts had expanded to nine stores as far-flung as Pulaski and Hamilton. But that growth hid massive debt in Hacketts' parent company, Seaway Valley Capital Corporation, owned by Thomas Scozzafava, brother of Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava. Martha Foley talks with David Sommerstein, who has reported extensively on Seaway Valley and Hacketts, about what the bankruptcy means.  Go to full article
Paul Maroun, Franklin County legislator
Paul Maroun, Franklin County legislator

Angered by 23rd District loss, Maroun may challenge Duprey

Political fall-out continues from this week's 23rd district congressional race. Democrat Bill Owens won, in part because of a simmering feud between conservative acvitists and Republican Party candidate Dede Scozzafava. Scozzafava dropped out of the race and endorsed Owens, instead of Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman. In the wake of that contest, it appears that more rifts are emerging within the GOP. Franklin County legislator Paul Maroun says he might challenge one of Scozzafava's strongest supporters in next year's Assembly race. Maroun is from Tupper Lake, describes himself as a conservative Republican. He's pro-life and opposes same-sex marriage. He says Assemblywoman Janet Duprey, who represents the 114th district, angered many Republicans when she failed to back Doug Hoffman.  Go to full article

Teens tackle climate change

Students from two dozen high schools and colleges across the Adirondacks will gather at The Wild Center in Tupper Lake early next week for the first Adirondack Youth Climate Summit. Todd Moe talks with two teens concerned about the environment and the region's future.  Go to full article
Map by Sheri Amsel. Source: Adirondack Council
Map by Sheri Amsel. Source: Adirondack Council

Coalition urges passage of land swap for powerline

The head of the New York Power Authority, green groups, officials from National Grid, state Senator Betty Little and a host of local government leaders are urging voters across the state to support a constitutional amendment that will be on the ballot when they go to the polls Nov. 3. The amendment would allow for a land swap that's the final step in a $30-million upgrade to the electric distribution system in the Tri-Lakes, which included construction of a new, 46-kilovolt transmission line to Tupper Lake. Chris Knight reports.  Go to full article

Tupper resort clears a legal hurdle

A mid-level state appeals court has upheld the Town of Tupper Lake's decision not to conduct an environmental review when it rezoned over 6,000 acres around the former Big Tupper Ski Area for the Adirondack Club and Resort project. Barring another appeal, the ruling removes what would have been another hurdle for the massive resort project. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

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