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GM workers wave to supportive vehicles yesterday.
GM workers wave to supportive vehicles yesterday.

On the UAW picket line in Massena

It's back to work this morning for tens of thousands of rank-and-file members of the United Auto Workers. Union negotiators reached what's being called an historic agreement on a three-year contract with General Motors. Details are still sketchy. But both sides confirm the deal would create a trust fund to cover GM's $50 billion retiree health care obligation. A person briefed on the contract tells The Associated Press that GM would pay about 70% of the massive fund. It would be administered by the union. UAW president Ron Gettelfinger says the contract will protect jobs. The contract must be reviewed by local union presidents and then voted on. The deal sends 382 members of UAW Local 465 back to work in Massena this morning. But they still face an uncertain future likely not affected by the new contract. GM announced several months ago it will close its operations in Massena next year, laying off almost 500 people. David Sommerstein visited the picket line yesterday, as the rank and file were hunkering down for what they thought was going to be a long strike.  Go to full article

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