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News stories tagged with "unions"

Essex County won't freeze union pay raises

Essex County Board of Supervisors Chairman Randy Douglas says he doesn't think the county board will freeze guaranteed pay increases for its unionized employees in the near future. But, he says the controversial move could be on the table in the coming months if union leaders don't return to the negotiating table. Todd Moe has more.  Go to full article

Inmate fight sparks guard union complaints

The union that represents corrections officers and other workers at the Federal Correctional Institution in Ray Brook says prison officials didn't do enough to address a recent outbreak of what it described as "gang-related" violence at the medium-security facility. The American Federation of Government Employees and its Council of Prison Locals says prison officials mostly kept operations running normally, despite the violence. As Chris Knight reports, prison officials say they locked down the prison and handled the situation appropriately.  Go to full article

Teachers hold off endorsing Cuomo, for now

Earlier this month, Democratic candidate for Governor Andrew Cuomo received the backing of the state's AFL-CIO. However, not all unions that are members of the public-private organization are endorsing the Attorney General for governor. Karen Dewitt reports.  Go to full article

Commentary: no recovery without workers' rights

It's been about two years now since the near collapse of our economy, and Congress is finally getting serious about making financial institutions follow tougher rules.

Commentator George Gonos thinks this all to the good, because, he says, de-regulation of the banking industry over the last 30 years - the weakening or elimination of rules - was a major cause of the crisis. He hopes Congress will pass new laws to govern the banks, and put some teeth into them. But he adds that at best, reining in the financial executives will deal with only one-half of the problem.

George Gonos is associate professor of sociology, at SUNY Potsdam  Go to full article

County nursing homes including E'town's Horace Nye could be privatized

This week, county leaders from across New York state met to discuss the future of nursing homes run by local governments. In many counties, the homes provide crucial care to elderly and sick residents. But the facilities are costing taxpayers millions of dollars to operate.

The Horace Nye home in Elizabethtown is expected to lose close to $2 million this year. As Brian Mann reports, a growing number of local leaders say those costs are too high at a time when property taxes are soaring.  Go to full article

Judge blocks governor's worker furloughs, at least temporarily

A federal judge yesterday blocked Governor David Paterson from imposing furloughs on about 100,000 state workers until he rules on union lawsuits that could stop the furloughs altogether.
The legislature reluctantly approved unpaid one-day-a-week furlough as part of another short-term budget extender Monday. They were to take effect next Monday.
Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Corrections officer union faces off against Governor Paterson?s lay-offs

Governor Paterson and the public employee unions are playing a game of brinkmanship this week. Paterson is threatening to slash more than eight thousand state jobs if the unions don't offer concessions. More than 2,000 jobs at state prisons are on the chopping block. The state's biggest union, the Civil Service Employees Association, rejected an offer that would have meant smaller raises in exchange for a guarantee that no workers would be laid off for two years. CSEA spokesman Stephen Madarasz told the Associated Press that reopening the contract would set a "debilitating precedent." Brian Mann checked in with Don Rowe, head of NYSCOPBA, the union representing hundreds of corrections officers in the North Country.  Go to full article

"Workplace intelligence" to build better economy

Regional business, political, and cultural leaders are gathering today at St. Lawrence University for the 5th Annual North Country Symposium. It's a strategizing session to boost the economy and quality of life here. Action teams covering topics like arts, tourism, food, and energy will report the work they've been doing since last year's conference. Ed Murphy is the keynote speaker. Murphy directs the New York AFL-CIO Workforce Development Institute. He's co-founder of the Apollo Alliance, which brings together labor, business, and environmentalists to address energy concerns in New York. Murphy told David Sommerstein "workplace intelligence" is the key to economic development.  Go to full article

Unions urge lawmakers to keep hospitals open

Teachers, nurses, and university workers unions will hold a rally at the Capitol today to urge state lawmakers to reject Governor Pataki's plan to close nine hospitals and consolidate dozens of others. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Teachers union backs Gillibrand

Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand drew support yesterday from eleven union organizations. Gillibrand is challenging Republican John Sweeney in the 20th Congressional District. As Brian Mann reports, one of the unions backing Gillibrand is the New York State United Teachers with more than half a million members statewide.  Go to full article

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