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"Bloom" explores the plight of Lake Champlain
"Bloom" explores the plight of Lake Champlain

New documentary draws attention to Lake Champlain's algae blooms

This week, politicians from New York, Vermont and Quebec signed a new compact aimed to reduce the amount of pollution draining into Lake Champlain. The "Opportunities for Change" document sets out a plan for reducing phosphorous and other contaminants that are sparking toxic algae blooms and causing fish-kills.

The lead author of the program is Bill Howland, head of the Lake Champlain Basin Program. In an interview with Vermont Public Radio, Howland said the updated agreement provides "an unprecedented level of cooperation" and sets specific new goals.

But as Martha Foley reports, a growing number of critics say these efforts don't go far enough.  Go to full article

UVM Trustees Consider Tuition Raise

University of Vermont trustees are considering raising tuition. They're holding meetings this week to talk about several proposed changes at the school. Jody Tosti reports.  Go to full article

Tuition could be raised at University of Vermont

As we reported last week, a Univeristy of Vermont education could be getting more expensive soon. Jody Tosti has more on the college's rising cost of tuition.  Go to full article

UVM to Add Students and New Buildings

The new president of the University of Vermont wants to add students, major new buildings and programs to the school. Jody Tosti reports.  Go to full article

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