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News stories tagged with "upper-saranac-lake"

Preview: Upper Saranac Cookbook

Residents of Upper Saranac Lake are fighting an invasive water plant with a book about food. Their new cookbook, with hundreds of recipes, comes with an environmental message.

In 2004, lake residents began an intensive struggle against the destructive milfoil with an underwater dive program that harvests the invasive plant by hand. It's an on-going challenge. All the proceeds from The Upper Saranac Cookbook will be used to fight eurasian water milfoil on the lake.

Todd Moe spoke with lake association member Marsha Stanley about the new cookbook and the battle to control milfoil.  Go to full article

Judge admonishes "boathouse" owner

A state Supreme Court judge has fined and admonished a lakefront property owner in the Adirondacks for building a "floating boathouse" without a permit. In a March 13 ruling, Judge David Demarest assessed a $200,000 fine on J. David Beneke, who owns a waterfront lot on Upper Saranac Lake, to cover legal fees incurred by the Town of Santa Clara in the case. As Chris Knight reports, Beneke's lawyer is asking the state's highest court to hear the case.  Go to full article

Celebrating a Century on Upper Saranac

Celebrating one hundred years of life on Upper Saranac Lake. Todd Moe talks with storyteller Fran Yardley and photographer Mark Kurtz about a multi-media presentation tonight at the Pendragon Theatre in Saranac Lake.  Go to full article

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