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People that live outside the current village aren't going to want to pay taxes to get my sidewalk plowed...they don't even have a sidewalk.

Waddington takes a small step toward dissolution

Waddington, population 736, is only one of several north country villages to consider dissolution. Massena, Potsdam and others have thought about it too--But Waddington's farther along in the process than some.  Go to full article

Waddington vies for fishing town title

The little village of Waddington along the St. Lawrence River is vying for a big distinction. The World Fishing Network is holding a competition to determine which community is America's "ultimate fishing town". The prize is a $25,000 check and a spot on TV.
So far, Waddington leads the pack with more than 2,000 votes, even though neighboring Ogdensburg is pulling away a couple hundred votes in a bid of its own.
Waddington Chamber of Commerce director Alicia Murphy is urging people to vote early and often. She spoke with David Sommerstein.  Go to full article
Republican St. Lawrence county clerk Patty Ritchie
Republican St. Lawrence county clerk Patty Ritchie

Ritchie leans on DMV success to topple Aubertine

Republicans are banking on big wins on Election Day. In New York, the GOP is trying to retake the State Senate after 2 years of Democratic control.

One of the races that could make the difference is Democrat Darrel Aubertine's 48th Senate district in Oswego, Jefferson, and the western half of St. Lawrence counties.

Republicans are united behind St. Lawrence county clerk Patty Ritchie. Ritchie is calling for change in Albany. And she's leaning heavily on her successes in the county's department of motor vehicles office. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Moving the World: life in the Peace Corps in Mali

When Sara Snider volunteered for the Peace Corps she had one request: an assignment in a small town. She grew up in Waddington, along the St. Lawrence River, and studied economics at Notre Dame University. But a college diploma wasn't enough. Snider is in the midst of a two-year stint in western Africa where she's helping women with literacy, marketing skills and health care. Todd Moe spoke with her from Mali about life in the Peace Corps.  Go to full article

Farmers air concerns with Aubertine

Senator Darrel Aubertine is holding informal meetings statewide to gather input for New York's agricultural policy. Aubertine chairs the Senate's agriculture committee. Aubertine says he's heard about oysters on Long Island, turf grass in the Hudson Valley, and cabbage and lettuce in western New York. At the latest meeting, Friday in Waddington, dairy topped the agenda. From labor to imports to environmental rules, dairy farmers feel they're under siege. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article
Carp anglers on the St. Lawrence.
Carp anglers on the St. Lawrence.

High prices poach carp tourney

High prices are squeezing nearly every aspect of the North Country economy. That includes the stretch of the St. Lawrence River that's breeding tourism based on carp fishing. The 3rd Annual Specialist Tackle Carp Challenge kicks off this morning in Waddington, but with half the number of angler teams from last year. Peter Henwood is the CEO of Specialist Tackle and owns the Riverview Motel on Route 37. Carp fishing is much more popular in Europe than here in the U.S. He says high airfares and gas prices are keeping anglers away this year. Henwood told David Sommerstein tourism in general has been quieter on his stretch of the river.  Go to full article
The St. Lawrence River near Waddington before it was dammed.
The St. Lawrence River near Waddington before it was dammed.

Shoe Drops on River Lands

Two years ago, the New York Power Authority got a new 50-year license to operate the hydropower dam on the St. Lawrence River. One condition of the license renewal was that NYPA return 1,500 acres of once-private land to local hands. Much of it will go to the villages and towns in St. Lawrence County affected by the power project. But some was to be transferred to property owners who live along the river. The state Attorney General recently ruled that's unconstitutional, and that the land should be sold at fair market value. As David Sommerstein reports, many local residents feared something like this would happen.  Go to full article
Baby alpacas:  Boots (above) and Getter Done with canine pal Gunner (below).
Baby alpacas: Boots (above) and Getter Done with canine pal Gunner (below).

Alpacas: The Next Generation

Back in February, we brought you the story of an alpaca farmer: Angel Dunkelberg, of Angel Knoll Alpacas in Waddington. The alpaca is a Peruvian cousin of the llama. It comes from the Andes Mountains. Alpacas like climates cold and dry--rather like it is here in the North Country--most of the time.

We revisited Angel to find out how her alpacas were taking the heat. Not too badly. Angel sprays water on their bellies to keep them cool. She's dragged fans to every corner of the barn. The heatwave has sped up the birth process, though. Angel now has 10 new alpacas, the youngest two days old. Her biggest problem now is what to name them all.  Go to full article
The South African team dissects boilies on the St. Lawrence.
The South African team dissects boilies on the St. Lawrence.

World's Anglers Try to Reel in Million Dollar Carp

British carp fishermen Tim Paisley and Steve Briggs are lapping the competition at the World Carp Championship on the St. Lawrence River. They've hauled in more than 1000 pounds of carp, triple their next closest challengers. No one's caught the million dollar record-breaking carp yet, though. An American, Ed Gilstrap, has caught the biggest so far at 38 pounds, 14 ounces. David Sommerstein was on the shoreline earlier this week to sample the sporting and economic dimensions of carp fishing.  Go to full article

St. Lawrence Ready for World Carp Event

Communities along the St. Lawrence River are preparing to host what organizers call "the Olympics of carp fishing". More than 120 teams from all over the world will compete. The top prize is a million dollars. As David Sommerstein reports, the World Carp Championship could be an economic boost for a part of the river that struggles to attract tourists.  Go to full article

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