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Wal-Mart drops plans for Saranac Lake

Wal-Mart has dropped its plan to build a supercenter on Lake Flower Avenue in Saranac Lake. The company cited the "political climate" in the village as the reason for declaring the deal "dead." But as Chris Knight reports, some people doubt whether the mega-retailer is really calling it quits.  Go to full article

Wise Buys, Hackett's eye merger

Two North Country retail chains may join forces. The move could position Hackett's and Wise Buys to better compete with the arrival of new "big box" giants, like Walmart. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Walmart lawn sign campaign begins in Saranac Lake

Wal-Mart and its local supporters are making a new push for a proposed 121,000 square foot supercenter in Saranac Lake. The mega-retailer's public relations agency is working with a local Wal-Mart support group and has paid for "Say Yes to Wal-Mart" signs that have been going up in people's yards in recent weeks. Those who are against the project are now trying to counter that effort with their own signs and by opening an "educational" downtown storefront. As Chris Knight reports, the increased activity comes as village officials continue to look into rezoning property that's crucial to Wal-Mart's plans  Go to full article

More than Walmart on Potsdam's horizon

Walmart's effort to build a Supercenter on Route 11 in Potsdam is on hold. The retail giant's septic system plan for the site was rejected by the Department of Environmental Conservation. The DEC says Walmart needs to install a back-up leach field. Walmart has fired up fierce debate in Potsdam. It's also drawn the attention of more national chains. As David Sommerstein reports, another debate is looming over long-term planning.  Go to full article

Saranac Lake Halts Walmart Rezoning

Wal-Mart's plans to build a supercenter in Saranac Lake were dealt a major setback Monday night when a narrow majority of the village board halted the rezoning of a parcel of village-owned land sought by the mega retailer. As Chris Knight reports, Wal-Mart representatives say they're evaluating their options.  Go to full article

Walmart Begins Direct Marketing in Saranac Lake

For the first time, Wal-Mart is directly asking residents of the Saranac Lake area to support its plans to build a 121,000 square foot supercenter in the village. The appeal comes in the form of a mailing from the mega-retailer that's been received by some area residents in recent days. As Chris Knight reports, some people are disappointed and upset about Wal-Mart's tactics.  Go to full article

Workshops Help Small Businesses Survive Mega-Retailers

For small business owners, competing against Wal-Mart may sound impossible. But one North Country non-profit says there are strategies. Next week the ComLinks Women's Entrepreneurial Business Center is offering three "survival workshops" to teach mom-and-pop stores to compete with mega-retailers. Brenda Thornton is running the workshops at Comlinks. She told Gregory Warner that business owners need to play to their strengths.
The workshops are at NCCC campuses in malone and Saranac Lake May 18 from 5:30 to 8:30 and at the Potsdam Civic center from 1 to 4.  Go to full article

Saranac Lake Candidates Debate Walmart

Candidates for Saranac Lake Mayor and Village Board went head to head last night in a well-attended debate-style forum at the Saranac Lake High School. They discussed a number of issues including rising property taxes, open government and the condition of rental properties in the community. But many in the audience had showed up to hear what the candidates think of Wal-Mart's proposal to build a supercenter at the eastern entrance to the village. As Chris Knight reports, few of the candidates gave a clear-cut answer.  Go to full article

Pro-Walmart Efforts Draw Questions

The divisive battle over a proposed Wal-Mart Supercenter in Saranac Lake came to the Essex County Board of Supervisors this week. A resolution to support the project was debated and ultimately postponed. Later that same day, the county manager, Cliff Donaldson, revealed to a stunned audience at a village meeting that he was the one who's been working to bring the mega-retailer to Saranac Lake. Chris Knight reports.  Go to full article

Walmart Announces Plans For Saranac Lake

Several months of Saranac Lake Walmart rumors were put to rest yesterday. The mega-retailer officially announced plans to build a Supercenter in the village. The 121,000 square foot store would include a general merchandise area and a full-service grocery store. Company officials predict it would employ between 275 and 300 people. Supporters say the store would be convenient for local residents and keep their spending local. Others are concerned it would ruin the character of the village. Chris Knight reports:  Go to full article

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