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Anti- and pro-war activists gathered at a peace rally at SUNY Potsdam
Anti- and pro-war activists gathered at a peace rally at SUNY Potsdam

Mixed Reactions to War in North Country

Local reactions to the start of war were mixed. Some people wore American flag shirts or hats to show their patriotism. Other joined quiet "peace circles" last night in Canton, Saranac Lake, and Watertown. David Sommerstein traveled along Route 56 in St. Lawrence County yesterday to gauge people's response to war.  Go to full article

Anti-war Protesters Demonstrate in Albany

Anti-war protesters sang and demonstrated outside the State Capitol Thursday, while inside, security was tightened in response to the start of the war with Iraq and possible terrorist threats. Karen Dewitt reports.  Go to full article

Canadians React to War with Mixed Feelings

This week, Canadian prime minister Jean Chretien announced that Canada will not join the United States in its war on Iraq. Recent opinion polls suggested 60 percent of Canadians believed Canada should only go to war under the umbrella of the United Nations. On the streets of Ottawa yesterday, reporter Karen Kelly found reaction to Canada's decision is mixed.  Go to full article

Border Security Could Mean Travel Delays

With the war against Iraq now underway, officials in the U-S and Canada have tightened border security. Some truckers and travelers have reported travel delays, but as Brian Mann reports, customs officials north of Plattsburgh say they're adding staff to help keep traffic moving.  Go to full article

Tighter Security: New Yorkers Prepare for War

Governor Pataki announced extra security precautions to be instituted in New York on the eve of a likely war with Iraq. Karen Dewitt reports from Albany.  Go to full article

New York Heightens Border Security As War Looms

Governor Pataki has stepped up security along the northern border with Canada. Officials are offering few details, but the Governor says state police have deepened their efforts in recent days.  Go to full article

Taking it to the Streets: Should Public Opinion Shape Public Policy?

David Sommerstein talks with St. Lawrence University Government professor Bob Wells about whether politicians have an obligation to heed public protests.  Go to full article

Women's Group Protests Possible War with Fast

A group of women who are against an impending war with Iraq, has just completed a more than three-month fast to draw attention to their views. From Albany, Karen Dewitt reports.  Go to full article

Crossgates Mall Drops Trespassing Charges

One of the largest shopping malls in upstate New York was the focus of controversy yesterday. One Monday night, a man was arrested at the Crossgates Mall in the suburb of Guilderland after refusing to take off a t-shirt that had an anti-war message. Yesterday, 100 people wearing similar shirts went to the mall at lunchtime as a show of protest against the mall's policy. WAMC's Brian Shields reports.  Go to full article

Pataki Proposes Aid Package For Military Reserves

Governor Pataki has proposed a package of aid to New Yorkers in the military reserves who may be called up to duty in the next few weeks. Karen Dewitt reports.  Go to full article

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