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McHugh attaches strings to Iraq funding

The Bush Administration has asked Congress for more than $90 billion to continue fighting the war in Iraq this year. North Country Congressman John McHugh says he's not willing to give it without strings attached. McHugh has introduced a bill that would authorize half of the President's request, and then assess how well the Iraqi government and U.S. military are using the money. The Iraqi Government Accountability Act establishes six benchmarks, which include securing Baghdad, disarming militias, and providing for economic development. McHugh spoke with David Sommerstein yesterday.  Go to full article

Bush to nominate new Seaway chief

President Bush will nominate a college roommate and political ally to run the St. Lawrence Seaway. The White House announced Tuesday that Collister Johnson, Jr. will be nominated to serve a seven-year term. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Clinton slams Rumsfeld on Iraq

New York Senator Hillary Clinton confronted Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld at a hearing in Washington yesterday, and afterwards called for his resignation. Martha Foley reports.  Go to full article
There are only fifty...
There are only fifty...

McHugh, you look mahhhvelous!

Some big news for the North Country from the fashion meisters of our nation's capital. One of our Congressmen, John McHugh of Pierrepont Manor, is one of the 50 most beautiful people in Washington. That's according to The Hill, a newspaper that covers Congress. McHugh's entry reads that he's a "snappy dresser, often coming to work in crisp clothing and snazzy ties by top designers." David Sommerstein asked McHugh how it feels to be beautiful...  Go to full article

Watertown to Maine Corridor in Highway Bill

A four-lane highway between Watertown and Plattsburgh is a part of a grand plan in Congress to connect northern New York with northern Maine. As David Sommerstein reports, the so-called "rooftop highway" is included in the federal transportation bill.  Go to full article

Clinton Hosts NY Farm Day

New York farmers took the spotlight in Washington, DC yesterday with Senator Hillary Clinton's 3rd Annual New York Farm Day. In a telephone conference with reporters to preview the event, Clinton and co-organizer Jim Tresize gave a nod to North Country products.  Go to full article
Peace activists in Ottawa make armbands for Saturday's march
Peace activists in Ottawa make armbands for Saturday's march

Regional Ties to Saturday's Peace Marches

Thousands of people will march tomorrow in Washington, San Francisco, Ottawa, and dozens of places around the world in opposition to a war with Iraq. David Sommerstein reports North Country peace activists are taking a more local approach.  Go to full article

Thousands Rally, March Against War in Iraq

Tens of thousands of anti-war demonstrators picketed the White House Saturday over President Bush's Iraq policy. The protest coincided with anti-war protests from Maine to California and across the globe. Martha Foley talks with Laura Potts, one of dozens of protesters who traveled by bus or car from the North Country, to the demonstration.  Go to full article

More on the 113th

Martha Foley talks more with Brian Mann about the 113th Assembly district race.  Go to full article

State of Mental Health Care in the Prisons

A new report issued today argues that the 67,000 inmates in New York's prison system need better health care - and mental health counseling. Eleven percent of the state's prisoners are diagnosed with mental illness. Brian Mann talks with Jennifer Wynn, with the Correctional Association of New York, which issued the study.

The Department of Correctional Services declined to be interviewed to respond to the report, instead issuing a press release.  Go to full article

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