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Lake George Waterkeeper Chris Navitsky (Photos:  Susan Waters)
Lake George Waterkeeper Chris Navitsky (Photos: Susan Waters)

After a decade on patrol, Lake George Waterkeeper sees more, bigger threats

Lake George's crystal clear water has been famous for centuries. It's one of the few big lakes in North America that's still certified as safe to drink. The water's clarity is a huge draw for tourists looking to swim or boat.

Ten years ago, Chris Navitsky hired on to be the new Lake George "Waterkeeper." He had been working for developers, helping to design wastewater treatment systems. In his new role, Navitsky emerged as one of the strongest, and sometimes one of the most controversial, voices advocating for the protection of Lake George.

After a decade on the job, Navitsky says the lake faces growing pressure from development and invasive species that could change its character permanently. Brian Mann has our profile.  Go to full article

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