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News stories tagged with "waterways"

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Manmade Islands Stir Debate

For more than a hundred years, man has made changes to rivers and lakes. Locks, dams and redirecting waterways has raised water levels and increased river flows. One effect has been the near disappearance of islands that once provided habitat for fish, plants and birds. Some groups are trying to rebuild those islands. But the concept of a man-made island is not universally accepted. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Jonathan Ahl reports.  Go to full article

Anglers Urged to Hand In Lead Sinkers

Officials are urging anglers to trade in their lead sinkers for tin and steel alternatives. State wildlife officials and environmentalists say the sinkers can poison and even kill loons. The Legislature is considering banning the sale of lead sinkers of one-half-ounce or less. Martha Foley talks with Dr. Nina Schoch who has helped to organize a sinker exchange program.
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