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Historic Wawbeek buildings to be torn down

Two historic buildings from the former Wawbeek Resort on Upper Saranac Lake will be coming down. An attorney representing the owners has confirmed that the new owners of the property turned down two proposals to move the buildings. Preservationists have argued that the buildings constitute a unique piece of 19th century architectural history. The former resort was operated as an inn and restaurant until last fall when it was sold to the Southern California couple for $6.25 million. Martha Foley talks with reporter Jacob Resneck, who's been following this story.  Go to full article
Wawbeek lodge will be demolished (Source:  Wawbeek website)
Wawbeek lodge will be demolished (Source: Wawbeek website)

Historic Wawbeek lodge to be torn down

The new owners of the Wawbeek Resort near Tupper Lake say they'll tear down the historic dining lodge that overlooks Upper Saranac Lake. A new private home will be built in its place. The decision, revealed in a pre-application letter to the Adirondack Park Agency, is drawing fierce criticism. As Brian Mann reports, some groups that say the project is evidence that the Adirondack region is losing too many architectural treasures.  Go to full article
Famous view from Wawbeek's dining room (Source: Wawbeek)
Famous view from Wawbeek's dining room (Source: Wawbeek)

Landmark Wawbeek lodge to become private residence

A historic Adirondack lodge on Upper Saranac Lake has been sold. The Wawbeek, which has operated since the late 1800s, has been purchased for an undisclosed price and will close at the end of this summer. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article

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