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Weld Drops Out of Gubernatorial Race

Former Massachusetts Governor William Weld has dropped out of the Republican race for Governor of New York and has endorsed his former rival, John Faso. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Weld Drops Out of Governor's Race

Bill Weld is dropping out of the race for governor of New York. That's according to two sources informed of the Republican's decision to bow out of the race. The former Massachusetts governor was trying to become the first man since Sam Houston to be the governor of two states. Sources tell The Associated Press in Albany that Weld decided this morning to drop out of the race after some of the state's top Republicans urged him to do so for the sake of party unity. Weld was expected to make the announcement at a news conference this morning.

The head of the state's Republican Party called on Weld to quit the race, after Weld lost to John Faso in last week's GOP convention vote. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Republicans Send Faso, Weld to Governor Primary

Former Assembly Minority Leader John Faso won an upset victory over former Massachusetts Governor William Weld, winning more of the delegate's votes at the republicans State convention, and setting up the first GOP primary for governor in over a decade. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

GOP A Study in Contrasts

Editorial cartoonist Mark Wilson was at the GOP convention yesterday too - his sketches from the Democratic and Republican convention are at NCPR's special convention page. In Buffalo for the Democratic gathering earlier this week, Wilson described the mood there as uncharacteristically confident - for Democrats. And unified. This morning, he told Martha Foley the GOP convention on Long Island also showed a reversal of the party's usual style.  Go to full article

Republicans choose John Faso over Bill Weld; Delegates Still Split

New York Republicans today designated former Assembly Minority Leader John Faso as their candidate for governor. However, the race that has split the party leaders will
go to a primary as former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld landed enough support to earn a spot on the ballot. Karen Dewitt was at the convention in Long Island. She called Gregory Warner on her way back.  Go to full article

GOP Convention Underway on Long Island

State Republicans met on Long Island to nominate Jeanine Pirro for Attorney General and John Spencer for U.S. Senate. But, as Karen DeWitt reports, the real suspense at the convention comes Thursday as Bill Weld and John Faso vie for the nomination for Governor.  Go to full article

Republican Courts Local Conservatives

Republican candidate for governor William Weld was in Canton yesterday. He made a special trip to meet with Conservative party leader Hank Ford. Douglas Hopper has the story.  Go to full article

Republican With Adirondack Ties Runs For Governor

Former Massachusetts Governor William Weld has been touring the North Country, meeting with local Republican leaders. Weld hopes to run for governor in New York State. Supporters say Weld's family ties to the region would make him a great replacement for outgoing Governor George Pataki. But as Brian Mann reports, Weld faces stiff opposition from the Conservative Party and from social conservatives within the GOP.  Go to full article

GOP Hopefuls Pitch For Conservative Support

The four announced Republican candidates for Governor jockeyed for position at a meeting of the state's Conservative Party. The party has been a deciding factor in getting Republicans elected to statewide office in races over the past three decades. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

GOP Leaders Tap Weld, Ask Pirro to Drop Senate Bid

Republican Party leaders voted to recommend that former Massachusetts Governor William Weld be the party's candidate for governor in New York next year. The majority of the chairs also believe that U.S. Senate candidate Jeanine Pirro, who has run a troubled campaign, should quit her quest against Hillary Clinton, and run for Attorney General instead. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

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