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Books: Once Upon A Time To Die For

The Warren County hamlet of Wevertown is the crime scene in a new novel by Rosemary Miner. Actually, the murder occurs in a 19th century Adirondack tannery. Once Upon a Time To Die For is Miner's first historical murder-mystery. It follows the tribulations of amateur sleuth Gracie Wickham, the daughter of a local doctor. Todd Moe asked Rosemary Miner why the book is set in the 1870's.  Go to full article
TJ Volchek conducts an interview (Source:  FOD)
TJ Volchek conducts an interview (Source: FOD)

Adirondack teens talk democracy

Last Tuesday, kids across the U.S. were talking with Americans about the importance of voting. The national project was organized by journalist and writer Sue Halpern, who spends much of year in Johnsburg, in the central Adirondacks. Halpern says it was a chance for students to hear from people who see voting as a duty and a crucial part of their lives. But as Brian Mann reports, their idealism played out this year against one of the nastiest and most controversial campaigns on record.  Go to full article

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