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Commentary: Ending Terrorist Attacks

Immediately after the terrible events of 9/11, this country and some other western nations commenced what is called the "War on Terrorism". That has entailed a variety of measures, including public relations, diplomacy, shipping suspected terrorists abroad of interrogation, and invading Afghanistan and Iraq. Commentator Paul Willcott has a suggestion for another effort that is being overlooked at our peril.  Go to full article

An Objection to the "F-word"

As we're told, English is a wonderfully elastic language. It's colorful, inclusive, and in a state of constant change. But some changes are less welcome than others. Commentator Paul Willcott has an issue with the expanding use of a particular bit of profanity.  Go to full article

Commentary: Four Old Men Eat Tomatoes on a Porch

There comes a moment every spring when the sun is so warm it takes you back to summer memories. Commentator Paul Willcott, who has roots in Texas, has been watching the weather change in Saranac Lake, and recalls one especially fine "Lone Star" day last year.  Go to full article

At Last. A BIG Christmas Tree

Commentator Paul Willcott and his wife, Ann, had long dreamed of the perfect Christmas tree. When they became the new proud owners of a rambling old cure cottage in Saranac Lake, they got their chance. It was the right time, and the right place, for the perfect tree. But the story didn't turn out quite as expected.  Go to full article

Commentary: Keeping a Journal

In the hurry of ordinary affairs of daily life, it's often difficult to find time to take a step back and put things in perspective. Keeping a diary is one way to do this, but commentator Paul Willcott argues that keeping a diary is more than just a way for busy people to cope with stress. It's a gift to posterity.  Go to full article

Commentary: The Real Culture War

In the view of commentator Paul Willcott the country has been so focused recently on the war against Iraq and lessoning the tax burden of the wealthy, that a critically important issue has been ignored in our public colloquy.  Go to full article

Commentary: Cowboy Is Not a Dirty Word

There is a word that is being used a lot to criticize President Bush. It has commentator Paul Willcott, a lapsed Texan, a little upset.  Go to full article

Commentary: Recreational Drug Use

Recreational use of drugs in America is widespread, and a majority of Americans have not lived in any other kind of world. Commentator Paul Willcott did, and doesn't regret it.  Go to full article

Commentary: Noise Pollution

If you've ever had the fillings in your teeth loosened by super-amplified music coming out of a nearby car, you'll appreciate commentator Paul Willcott's recent efforts to combat such an assault.  Go to full article

Commentary: Book Endings

Commentator Paul Willcott offers his thoughts on one of life's painful but little recognized experiences, coming to the end of an absorbing novel, the kind called a page-turner.  Go to full article

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