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Jefferson co. hires wind farm consultant

Jefferson County is taking steps to get the most from corporations that want to build wind farms there. The county is hiring a consultant who specializes in payment-in-lieu-of-taxes negotiations. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Local boards grapple with the wind

More than a dozen towns along the rooftop of New York State, from Jefferson County to Clinton County, are caught up in a "wind rush". Big corporations from Spain, Portugal, England, and the United States are scrambling to take advantage of federal "green" energy tax credits before they expire. The wind farms offer several million dollars in land contracts and property taxes to struggling rural communities. But in doing so, they stir up deep resentment between people who stand to gain from them, and people who don't, but still have to look at and listen to giant windmills spinning 24 hours a day. The task of regulating this new industry falls to each local town council. In part two of a series on the latest wind power developments in the North Country, David Sommerstein reports local lawmakers can end up over their heads in politics, science, and money.  Go to full article
The blades of turbine #6 go up at Noble Environmental Power's wind farm in Clinton County.
The blades of turbine #6 go up at Noble Environmental Power's wind farm in Clinton County.

Lifting giant windmills into the sky

Few issues have generated as much controversy as wind power. Supporters love the green energy and the economic boost they bring to struggling rural communities. Detractors hate the noise, the view, and what they call deceptive claims made by big corporations. Tomorrow, we look at the challenges facing local town boards stuck in the middle of the debate. Today, an upclose look at the giants themselves, and two neighbors' reactions. Noble Environmental Power has already erected 60 of 122 turbines in the western Clinton County towns of Clinton and Ellenburg. David Sommerstein was there as turbine #6 went up, and has our story.  Go to full article

Franklin County considers wind power payments

Developers of a massive wind power project in northern Franklin County will pay more than $1.1 million a year to the towns of Chateaugay and Bellmont, the Chateaugay School District and Franklin County in return for a series of tax breaks. Noble Environmental Power is planning to build 86 wind turbines on more than 6000 acres in the two towns. The project is expected to generate 129 megawatts of power. But, as Chris Knight reports, some county officials say they were pressured to approve the payment in lieu of taxes agreement.  Go to full article

Wind power on rooftops, not ridgetops

The federal government wants 20% of the energy generated in the nation from renewable resources. Today, we're at a fraction of that goal. Experts believe we could get there faster if wind power technology weren't confined to large wind farms like the ones operating and proposed across the North Country. They're thinking about urban areas, where rooftop turbines could produce electricity right where it's used. Lisa Ann Pinkerton reports there are plenty of ideas under consideration.  Go to full article

More regulation for North Country wind industry?

An influential congressman from West Virginia could play a role in the North Country's growing wind industry. The Democrat who chairs the House Natural Resources Committee says the government should tighten regulations to protect birds, bats and other wildlife killed by the giant turbines. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article

Assessing Spitzer's energy policy

New wind farms in Clinton and Franklin counties will get state funding for generating renewable power for New York. Noble Environmental Power's wind turbines in the towns of Clinton, Ellenburg, Altona, and Chateaugay are among 21 renewable energy projects that will share $295 million under Governor Spitzer's energy policy. Spitzer unveiled the plan in a speech last week. He said it would also reduce state electricity usage by 15% by 2015. And it would also fast-track new power plants that emit low or no emissions, create jobs to retrofit buildings for energy conservation, and lower utility bills. Environmental and business groups, including National Grid, applauded the announcement. We turn to Ben Wiles for a closer look. He's a senior attorney with the Public Utility Law Project, which represents low income and rural residents on New York's energy issues. He told David Sommerstein Spitzer's proposal is a departure from the former Pataki Administration.  Go to full article

Questions at Clayton wind forum

More than 100 people with questions about wind power attended a forum in Clayton last night. Three different developers have proposed industrial-scale wind farm projects in northern Jefferson County. All are in preliminary stages. The forum was one of several held statewide by the Citizens Campaign for the Environment. The group supports wind power that includes a complete environmental review. Jefferson County's Agricultural Development Authority co-sponsored the event. Citizen Campaign's Derreth Glance moderated the forum. She told David Sommerstein people wanted to know about access roads for turbines, payment-in-lieu-of-tax agreements, and turbine bird mortality. She says they were especially interested in the words of two Lewis County supervisors on the forum panel, who live by the Maple Ridge wind farm on the Tug Hill Plateau.  Go to full article

Windmills spark jobs and power

A developer submitted an application for a wind farm in Cape Vincent last week. According to the Watertown Daily Times, AES Acciona Wind Power NY wants to erect 65 wind turbines south of the village along Route 12E. The company will set up an escrow account to pay expenses as the town conducts an environmental review. Cape Vincent planning board chairman Richard Edsall told the Times, "we have the right to outside professional expertise, and we intend to use it." Two wind farm proposals in Cape Vincent have sparked controversy over how far turbines should be allow to be built from homes, roads, and the St. Lawrence River.

A boom in the wind power industry nationwide is helping the St. Lawrence Seaway. Freighters are carrying loads of turbine blades and tower pieces from Denmark and other countries in Europe to ports in the Great Lakes. In fact, wind energy developers are ordering so many windmills, they're running into a supply problem. Now there are plans to build factories to produce windmills in the U.S. It's all happening in spite of inconsistent federal support. The Environment Report's Stephanie Hemphill reports.  Go to full article

Brandon passes wind moratorium

A town in Franklin County is the latest to pass a moratorium on industrial wind turbines. Clayton, Cape Vincent, Beekmantown, and Plattsburgh also have suspended wind issues. Meanwhile, a new wind farm is close to breaking ground in three towns in Clinton County. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

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