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News stories tagged with "winter"

Heard Up North: Parish snowfall

The snow is more than seven feet deep in the Oswego County town of Parish. And it's that area of New York's snow belt where we go for this Heard Up North.  Go to full article

Winter garden chores: choosing the best seeds

Seed and gardening catalogs are great during the winter months. Martha Foley and horticulturist Amy Ivy talk about seed varieties and how to buy the best seeds for the best plants.  Go to full article

Winter wit on a cold morning

Indian Lake resident Daisy Kelly helps keep an eye on the weather for NCPR in the southern Adirondacks. She phoned-in a couple of bitterly cold temperature updates early this morning, and later shared some mid-winter wit and wisdom with Martha Foley and Todd Moe.  Go to full article

Indoor winter plant chores

Horticulturist Amy Ivy has advice for protecting indoor plants from bad bugs during the winter months.  Go to full article

Farmers facing real winter weather

Temperatures this winter have left a lot of people wondering... December's 70-degree days caused flowers to bloom - but also contributed to concerns over global warming. This week's cold snap - reassuring to some - has raised new questions about the health of the North Country's ecosystem. What do these fluctuating temperatures do to plants, soils and watersheds? Was there any damage to area farms? Or livestock? Jonathan Brown put these questions to farm-business manager Bill Van Loo, at the Cornell Cooperative Extension.  Go to full article

Warm winter damage to plants

Martha Foley talks with Co-operative Extension horticulturist Amy Ivy about the consequences to plants of prolonged warm winter weather.  Go to full article

Solstice: celebrating the return of the sun

Tomorrow is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. Most of the customs, lore, symbols, and rituals associated with Christmas actually are linked to Winter Solstice celebrations of ancient Pagan cultures. Winter Solstice has been celebrated in many cultures for thousands of years. This start of the solar year is a celebration of light and the rebirth of the sun. In ancient Europe, it was known as Yule, from the Old Norse word, jul, meaning wheel. Todd Moe attended the annual Winter Solstice Celebration at St. Lawrence University, where students and faculty used candles, songs, poems and a dance to welcome the new year.  Go to full article

December?s night sky and the solstice

Martha Foley talks with St. Lawrence University astronomer Aileen O'Donoghue about the winter sky and solstice.  Go to full article

Weather vs tourism

Winter tourism is big business in the North Country. The Northern New York Travel and Tourism Research Center says winter visitors bring more than $189 million to the region. So what happens to the economy when the thermometer tops 50 degress in late December? Jonathan Brown went looking for answers.  Go to full article

Gifts for the gardener

Finding gifts for gardeners should be easy. There's always a new tool or a gadget they'd like to try. Horticulturist Amy Ivy has some suggestions for gardening gifts. She spoke with Martha Foley.  Go to full article

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