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Raleigh Island on the St. Lawrence
Raleigh Island on the St. Lawrence

Autumn: closing a river cottage for the season

Autumn is the season of that melancholy process known as closing the summer house for the winter. Thousand Islands photographer and writer Ian Coristine divides his time between Montreal and Raleigh Island, his seasonal home on the St. Lawrence River. Todd Moe spoke with him as he was closing up his island cottage for the winter.  Go to full article

Advocates hope for more LIHEAP funding

National Grid expects the price of natural gas to decline sharply this winter by about 11 %. Weather forecasters are calling for another relatively mild winter, but the odds are it'll still be colder than last year. Low income advocates are worried about heating assistance for the poor. Martha Foley reports.  Go to full article

Mild winter thanks to El Nino?

The northern part of the U-S might be in for a mild winter. That's if predictions by government climatologists turn out to be true. Mark Brush explains.  Go to full article

Slush and Mud?But Spring Skiing's Great!

A forecast of high winds, rain and fog is enough to deter most of us from stepping into cross-country skis. But Emily Tyner, who lives in the Lake Clear-Paul Smiths area, says this is her favorite season for skiing. She spoke with Todd Moe.  Go to full article

ATV Death On Lake George

An ice fisherman from Vermont died on Lake George Tuesday morning after his 4-wheeled ATV broke through the ice. State police say the 72-year-old from Rutland, who hasn't been identified, planned to go ice fishing. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article
Bob Martin scales ice in the Adirondacks
Bob Martin scales ice in the Adirondacks

Climbing Through Ice & Wind in the Adirondacks

On a winter drive through Cascade Pass or Wilmington Notch in the Adirondacks, you can find climbers perched on the side of waterfalls or clinging to frozen cliff faces. For those willing to brave single-digit temperatures and sometimes harsh conditions, ice climbing offers another way to experience the mountains. Bob Martin from Saranac Lake scaled a popular route recently near Wilmington. He sent this audio postcard.  Go to full article

Fresh Flowers on a Cold Day

Martha Foley and horticulturist Amy Ivy talk about fresh cut flowers, miniature roses and visits to the florist this time of year.  Go to full article

Getting Reacquainted With Winter

Most winter getaway traffic flows toward the tropics. At least to the Carolinas. But freelancer Lucy Martin convinced her Mom, Martha, to travel against the grain this month. Martha Martin was born in Hawaii 73 years ago, and except for four years shivering at a New England college, has lived in the islands all her life. So what's the natural way to get re-acquainted with winter? A neighborly skate on the local creek, with the help of a plastic chair as a pairs partner. The family outing started with layering up:  Go to full article

Four Die in North Country Snowmobile Accidents

Four more snowmobile riders died over the weekend in the north country. Martha Foley reports.  Go to full article
A male Common Redpoll.  (photo: Larry Master, Lake Placid)
A male Common Redpoll. (photo: Larry Master, Lake Placid)

Backyard Bird Count Begins This Weekend

The 9th annual "Great Backyard Bird Count" gets underway this weekend. The National Audubon Society and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology are encouraging everyone to count birds in their backyards, public lands, school yards and local parks. The annual bird count - which begins Friday and continues through Monday -- helps create a snapshot of winter bird numbers, species and distribution across North America. Todd Moe recently caught up with avid North Country birder Joan Collins. She lives in Potsdam and Long Lake and is vice president of the St. Lawrence-Adirondack Audubon chapter. Todd wanted to know more about bird watching and went along for a ski outing on a little known path along the southern edge of St. Lawrence county. The Leonard Pond trail is near routes 3 and 56 in the northern Adirondacks.  Go to full article

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