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News stories tagged with "winter"

4 year-old Injured in Snowmobile Accident

A 4 year-old Watertown boy is recovering from a snowmobile accident in western New York. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

"Change A Light Bulb Day" offers energy savings and seminars

Aubuchon's Hardware is partnering with United Way and Comlinks to offer 'Change A Light Bulb Day.' Selected Aubuchons will be selling discounted Energy Star light bulbs and giving energy saving seminars. Monday's seminar is in Malone, with other seminars next week in Saranac Lake and Tupper Lake. Jim Britell is energy manager for the not-for-profit Comlinks in Franklin County, one of the event sponsors. He says that this initiative is a small example of how local non-profits and churches across the North Country are stepping up efforts this year to educate the public and forge partnerships with local businesses. He says in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, local safety net organizations have many reasons to act with new urgency.  Go to full article

Protecting Tender Shrubs from Winter Wind Burn

Horticulturist Amy Ivy has tips on preparing the garden and yard for winter - especially small trees and roses.  Go to full article

Forecast for Municipal Energy Costs Not Good

New York State Comptroller Alan Hevesi says a survey of local governments has found that energy costs will be going up for municipalities by $375 million dollars this winter. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

State Approves St. Lawrence County Fuel Tax Suspension

St. Lawrence County residents won't have to pay full sales tax on heating fuel this winter. The state agreed to let the county suspend its 3% share beginning December 1st. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article
Gary Tessier of Team Manitoba works on the team's 16-foot-high snow sculpture in Gatineau, Quebec.  (photo: Karen Kelly)
Gary Tessier of Team Manitoba works on the team's 16-foot-high snow sculpture in Gatineau, Quebec. (photo: Karen Kelly)

A Snow Sculpting Pilgrimage

Every year, snow sculptors from the U-S and Canada travel to northern cities to carve huge works of art. They often depict things such as sea monsters and native spirits. As the Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Karen Kelly reports, these artists are driven by a shared passion for the outdoors.  Go to full article

A Perfect Igloo the Easy Way

With winter still in full swing, it's not too late for new ways to enjoy the snow. A Potsdam man is on a mission to spread the word on a foolproof method for building an igloo for children. Miles Manchester's design uses three inflatable tubes and takes an hour and a half to complete. He even posted step-by-step instructions on a website. Manchester told David Sommerstein his is easier to make than a traditional snow block igloo.  Go to full article

Commentary: Frostbite for Dessert

Commentator Betsy Kepes doesn't expect gourmet food when she goes winter camping. But every once in awhile, she finds the perfect dining experience.  Go to full article

New Road Surface Could Mean Fewer Salt Trucks

Drivers are testing out a new road coating that could reduce accidents in the winter. And as the Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Stephanie Hemphill reports, it might also mean fewer trips for highway salt trucks.  Go to full article
Shane Henry loads ice cakes on the back of his grandfather's trailer.
Shane Henry loads ice cakes on the back of his grandfather's trailer.

Ice Harvesting in New Bremen

A hundred years ago, ice harvesting was big business in the North Country. Blocks of ice were hauled from frozen ponds and lakes and shipped south as far as Florida. By the early 40s, refrigerators killed the industry, but firefighters in New Bremen, have kept the tradition of the ice harvest alive - since 1964. Reporter Greg Warner has this audio postcard.  Go to full article

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