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Giving Voice: Loose Ends

Dale Hobson's New Year's resolutions are all "continuing resolutions." Here is a new poem for the New Year: Loose Ends 2007.  Go to full article

Giving Voice: John Berbrich

Russell poet John Berbrich spent a rowdy youth growing up on Long Island. Many years later the stories and characters of his childhood and teen years have elbowed their way to the front of his poetic imagination. He stopped by the studio this week to read a few of his poems, and to talk with Dale Hobson about what makes a good story, and what makes a good poem.  Go to full article

Giving Voice: Three Adirondack Poets

Elaine Handley, Marilyn McCabe and Mary Sanders Shartle come together from their respective parts of the Adirondacks to make poetry within a tradition of Adirondack women writers that is old as the hills. Their collaborative chapbooks, Notes From the Fire Tower and Glacial Erratica have won the Adirondack Center for Writing's award for Best Book of Poetry two years running. Dale Hobson talks with the authors about their work and their traditions at Marilyn McCabe's get-a-way along Clifford Brook in the Town of Keene.  Go to full article

Giving Voice: SLAP poets

It was a sweltering night in the Fields coffeehouse in Potsdam, with a loud buzz of traffic, fans, ice-grinders and table talk competing for the microphone--but that didn't deter folks from coming out to hear a group reading by members of SLAP, the St. Lawrence Area Poets. Dale Hobson sat down with SLAP member JeanMarie Martello to find out more about the new writers' group.  Go to full article

Giving Voice podcast: Downstream into Stone Valley

Rather than find someone to talk to on the topic of poetry and the outdoors, Dale Hobson decided to actually go outdoors and to write himself a new poem. In this Giving Voice we follow Dale downstream into Stone Valley in the Town of Colton.  Go to full article

Giving Voice podcast: Maurice Kenny on Ray Fadden

Poets are often asked "Where do you find your inspiration?" Sometimes the answer is a person--a mentor or teacher whose words and example are life-changing. In this Giving Voice, we hear poet Maurice Kenny talk about the century-old Mohawk elder, teacher, storyteller, activist and naturalist Ray Fadden, and hear a few of the poems he inspired.  Go to full article

Readers & Writers: Annual Poetry Month Call-in

Each April, Poetry Month, Readers & Writers opens the airwaves to poets and poetry fans throughout the region. Callers join special guests Kathleen Curry, Albert Glover and Allen Hoey with poetry of adversity and overcoming obstacles. Chris Robinson and Dale Hobson co-host.  Go to full article

Giving Voice: Rev. Max Coots

There's a long tradition in English literature of preachers who are also poets. Our guest on Giving Voice, the Rev. Max Coots of Canton, is a fine example of the type. His well-crafted sermons are collected in the volume Leaning Against the Wind, and his meditative poetry can be found in Seasons of the Self, and View From a Tree. Unlike many writers--who come to poetry early, and carry on throughout life--Coots' poetry grew out of his experience in ministry. And on retirement, his creative spirit moved on to other outlets. He talked with Dale Hobson about how poetry came into his life, and how it went out again.  Go to full article

Giving Voice: Poetry for Peace at SLU

There has been poetry of war through all of history, celebrating glory, valor and conquest, sanctifying the sacrificed. But as modern warfare has become more mechanized and indiscriminate, modern poets have increasingly turned their pens toward themes of peace. At St. Lawrence University, poets, readers and listeners--both town and gown--gather monthly before a fireplace in huge overstuffed chairs to share their own work--or anything else that has caught their ear. While some in February's gathering touched on the politics of the current war, Dale Hobson was struck by how broad the landscape of peace becomes, when filtered through poetic imagination. The next Poetry for Peace reading takes place March 7, at 4:30 pm, in the Winston Room of the Student Center at St. Lawrence University.  Go to full article

Book review: "A North Country Quartet"

The English Department at SUNY-Potsdam recently published a book featuring four North Country poets. NCPR's book reviewer, Betsy Kepes, shares a few of the poems.  Go to full article

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