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Unions take governor's furlough plan to court

The Public Employees Federation union was the first yesterday -- but several of New York's public employee unions are expected to file for a temporary court order to block state worker furloughs approved Monday by the Legislature.

The issue is now in the hands of U.S. District Judge Lawrence Kahn. Paterson and the Legislature are expected to file their responses with the court later this week.

The state budget is now a month late as lawmakers struggle to close a $9 billion deficit. The governor says the furloughs are needed because the unions have rejected other calls to sacrifice and help the state out of its fiscal crisis. He had asked unions to suspend workers' annual raises of 4-7%.

State Lieutenant Governor Richard Ravitch warns that if the unions' court challenge is successful, lay offs might be the next step. As Karen DeWitt reports, the governor isn't so sure.  Go to full article
SUNY Potsdam students Matt Rpbinson, Potsdam, and Trish Wickwire, Parishville.
SUNY Potsdam students Matt Rpbinson, Potsdam, and Trish Wickwire, Parishville.

SUNY Potsdam Students Study Jobs and Politics in Northern Mexico

David Sommerstein talks with Trish Wickwire and Matt Robinson about their recent trip to the "maquiladora" zone along the U.S.-Mexico border. They say workers need to form a global coalition in a global economy.  Go to full article

Commentary: 401k's, Corporate Scandals and Blue Collar

In these times when corporate fraud, accounting scandals, and huge stock market fluctuations are a large part of the daily news, it's easy to lose sight of how many people are only indirectly affected by such events. In a Labor Day reflection, commentator Paul Willcott discusses the reporting of recent financial turmoil from the pint of view of the working people who we honor today.  Go to full article

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