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R. H. Thomson
R. H. Thomson

An actor's response to remembering a world war

Next year marks the centennial of the start of World War I, and a Canadian actor/director is in the midst of planning an international event for the 100th anniversary of the First World War.

R.H. Thomson is perhaps best known as Jasper Dale in the Canadian televison series, Road to Avonlea. Recently, he played Alexander in the Thousand Islands Playhouse production of No Great Mischief.

In 2008, Thomson co-created the 1914-1918 Vigil, a project that saw the names of more than 68,000 Canadians who died during the war projected onto memorials and buildings across Canada.

Todd Moe spoke with him about creating a multi-national WWI centenary project called "The World Remembers," which Thomson calls a unique, powerful effort that speaks to younger generations.

Over the past two years, Thomson has visited government officials and war archives across Europe. His goal is a collective remembrance of all the war dead.  Go to full article

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