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Eben Holden: A Tale of the North Country
Complete audio production

It seemed a simple enough idea: let's make an audio edition of a classic North Country novel. Three months and 2400 audio files later, it didn't seem so simple. Engineer Joel Hurd was still mixing and editing a few hours before airtime, December 30, 2001. The production received immediate acclaim and sparked requests for rebroadcasts, a serialized version, CD copies, and a web version. The episodes below provide more than three hours of Irving Bacheller's timeless tale of the North Country, the 1900 bestseller Eben Holden.

from the Preface of the 1900 edition:
This book has grown out of such enforced leisure as one may find in a busy life. . . The characters were mostly men and women I have known and who left with me a love of my kind that even a wide experience with knavery and misfortune has never dissipated.

   —Irving Bacheller, New York City, 7 April 1900
Eben Holden in RealAudio format

A New Edition of an Old Favorite (10:29)
Martha Foley talks with St. Lawrence University English professor Albert Glover about his new print edition of Irving Bacheller's Eben Holden.

Addison Irving Bacheller was born in Pierre-pont, NY in 1859. He attended St. Lawrence University, receiving his B.S. in 1882.

Bacheller moved to New York City to join the staff of the Brooklyn Daily Times. In 1884, Bacheller founded the first U.S. newspaper syndicate, the Bacheller Syndicate, which discovered Stephen Crane, serializing his Red Badge of Courage. Along with Crane it introduced the American public to Joseph Conrad, Rudyard Kipling, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Bacheller was appointed Sunday editor of The New York World under Joseph Pulitzer in 1898, but quit journalism in 1900 to focus on fiction. Eben Holden, first published in that year, was a bestseller.

Bacheller returned to journalism to serve as a war correspondent during World War One in France. He died in 1950 in White Plains, NY.

Eben Holden features the voices and talents of:
Tom Van de Water
Art Johnson
Josh Thomas
Francesca Neaton
Ed Hildebrand
Steve Majers
Sue Bastien
Max Romey
Will Romey
Wanda Renick
Peter Wycoff
Rich Rummel
Mike Neaton
Esther Katz
Denny Brandt
Libby Brandt
Doug Dominy
Dr. Daniel Sullivan
Dick Kepes
David Katz
Warren Wisner
Lee Van de Water
Paul Bevins

Fiddle: Gretchen Koehler
Guitar: Joel Hurd