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The Eight O'Clock Hour, NCPR's morning regional newsmagazine, gives listeners a complete update on the day's news and weather along with top regional stories, plus special segments including Natural Selections with Curt Stager, Weekly Gardening Conversations with Amy Ivy, the Adirondack Almanack with John Warren, the Community Calendar, and the Writer's Almanac with Garrison Keillor. The NCPR News team.

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NCPR News Director Martha Foley and our arts and culture editor Todd Moe host The Eight O'Clock Hour each weekday morning.


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Natural Selections explores the natural world each Thursday with Dr. Curt Stager of Paul Smith's College.

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Each Monday Martha Foley explores the world of gardens and gardening with Cornell Cooperative Extension horticulturist Amy Ivy.

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Four Seasons of Gardening

Sep. 2, 2014: The Writer's Almanac

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 Recent items from The Eight O'Clock Hour podcast

All Before Five: 9/07/06

A school prayer issue in a primarily Mohawk school divides the tribal council. The ghost of Edward R Murrow campaigns for Kirsten Gillibrand in a new online attack ad against Congressman John Sweeney. And we meet the youngest ever champion of Interpretive Freestyle Canoeing; the 14-year-old from Alexandria Bay defends his title this weekend in Ohio.  Go to full article

All Before Five: 9/06/06

A program in Jefferson County is helping farmers turn untilled acres back into wetlands. They're great for nesting birds, but some farmers say the birds are hurting their crops. And we take a paddle down the Carry Falls Reservoir, fifth largest lake inside the blue line and 20 miles south of Potsdam.  Go to full article

All Before Five: 9/05/06

Organizers celebrate some political promises after a five day march in Vermont against climate change. Brian Mann discusses the three congressional races with Martha Foley at the start of the campaign season. And we visit the "Picton Castle," a tall square-rig sailing ship that lets young people be part of the crew... for a fee.  Go to full article

All Before Five: 9/04/06

The Adirondack real estate market is slowing along with the national housing slump, but second homes in the Park are still popular, especially with baby boomers. And Dale Hobson connects place names with their namesakes, starting with the dying words of the original Saint Lawrence...  Go to full article

All Before Five: 9/01/06

Eliot Spitzer rallies the faithful in Massena. David Sommerstein reports on "Military Brats" Magazine - for military kids, written by military kids. And we talk live with Bill McKibben, marching in Vermont against climate change.  Go to full article

All Before Five: 8/31/06

Voting rights advocates say they're being stonewalled by the NY board of elections. Counties find an expensive, partial solution to meet HAVA requirements. And a school for troubled teens in Ogensburg may finally be certified, but it won't be the end of their problems.  Go to full article

All Before Five: 8/30/06

President Bush appoints his former college roommate to run the St Lawrence Seaway. And a coalition of medical students fight for pharmaceutical companies to reveal gifts to doctors. And all about Saint Lawrence - patron saint of librarians and cooks.  Go to full article

All Before Five: 8/29/06

Three names are released in a Northway bus crash that killed 5 last night - a faulty tire is blamed. John Sweeney establishes a sizeable lead in his congressional race. And a voting machine being considered by the NY Dept of Elections has a notoriously poor record for accuracy. Plus, the amazing story of a rescue last winter in the Ausable Chasm - the first person ever known to survive the 135 foot fall.  Go to full article

All Before Five: 8/28/06

A year on the farm continues with a bumper crop of corn. A new poll shows the Attorney General's race may be closer than previously thought. And a young artist from Montreal taught himself taxidermy for his sculpture.  Go to full article

All Before Five: 8/25/06

A man who shot two teachers at an elementary school in Burlington then shot himself is out of the hospital and in jail. Plus, firefighters keep up their skills by fighting wildfires in California. And our resident astronomer Aileen O'Donohue says 'Don't cry for Pluto'... a quick conversation about the ex-planet.  Go to full article

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