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All Before Five

All Before Five, our afternoon regional news program, gives listeners a complete update on the day's news and weather, followed by the top regional features stories from NCPR News.

Nora FlahertyThe host of All Before Five is Nora Flaherty. Nora came to NCPR in March 2011 from WFUV in New York City, where she worked as a reporter and hosted a weekly interview program. She has become a familiar voice since then as a reporter for The Eight O'Clock Hour.

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All Before FiveAll Before Five
with Nora Flaherty

All Before Five with host Nora Flaherty (Program ended 8/3/12)
will air weekdays at 4:45 pm.

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 Recent All Before Five programs

All Before Five: 7/25/07

State Senator Joe Bruno accuses Governor Spitzer's Administration of "political espionage"... Hackett's department store - one of the oldest retailers in the nation - is acquired by another North Country retailer... A Queensbury group hopes to build a major aquarium in the Southern Adirondacks... And on Heard Up North: An Ottawa farmer adds "sawyer" to his already long list of job titles.  Go to full article

All Before Five: 7/24/07

We hear from Albany on the repercussions of the state Attorney General's finding that two staffers in the Governor's office were mounting a smear campaign at a political opponent... We hear Betty Little's reaction. The Republican state Senator in the Adirondacks says the scandal in Spitzer's office could derail major agreements reached last week in Albany... A health scare for Lieutenant Governor David Paterson... And on Heard Up North: The Italian American Club in Massena - another site on the Register of Very Special Places.  Go to full article

All Before Five: 7/23/07

An investigation by the New York State Attorney General finds unethical, partisan actions by high-level staffers in the Governor's office... An explosion causes an evacuation after runaway rail cars collide with a railroad service car near Watertown... Former Congressman John Sweeney's wife accuses him of verbal and physical abuse... Federal subsidies could make or break family farms that produce milk.  Go to full article

All Before Five: 7/20/07

A Fort Drum soldier is killed in Iraq... Senator Hilary Clinton confronts a Pentagon official who said her questions about U.S. troops withdrawing from Iraq reinforced enemy propaganda... An update on the Steelworkers strike at Climax Manufacturing in Lowville... Dog and cat overpopulation strains shelters and stresses police... And on Heard Up North: Thunder and lightning.  Go to full article

All Before Five: 7/19/07

Governor Eliot Spitzer and legislative leaders announce breakthroughs on some big issues in Albany: Campaign finance reform, congestion pricing, capitol improvements, and even pay raises for lawmakers and judges... Brian reports on the increase across the country of dogfighting... And tax rebates for New york State property owners.  Go to full article

All Before Five: 7/18/07

Hilary Clinton says it's time to think of the troops and bring them home from Iraq. We'll hear from the Senator's comments made last night during all-night debate in Washington... New York State's economic development programs are "broken and unfixable" according to a new study commissioned by Governor Eliot Spitzer... Despite this, state officials unveil a development grant for the Adirondacks... And we hear about a community owned department store proposed for Saranac Lake.  Go to full article

All Before Five: 7/17/07

Vermont assesses flood damage... Illinois Senator and Presidential candidate Barack Obama has raised more campaign cash than all other candidates combined in Vermont... We hear from an election expert on how rural voters could decide who wins the White House next year... Some ursine summer visitors in Saranac Lake are causing a nuisance and could endanger people in the Adirondacks... And on Heard Up North, a taffy stand that's been in the same place for more than 100 years.  Go to full article

All Before Five: 7/16/07

A missing swimmer in Lake Ontario... Joe Martens wins approval of his nomination to head of the Olympic Regional Development Authority... The former president of SUNY Potsdam is fired over allegations he covered up a student's rape and murder... And a conversation with North Country Congresswoman Kirstin Gillibrand on Iraq.  Go to full article

All Before Five: 7/13/07

North Congresswoman Kirstin Gillibrand voted to bring U.S. troops home from Iraq. We hear her reasons why... We look at the maneuverings of Governor Spitzer and state Senate majority leader Joe Bruno, and how they're playing in Albany and across New York... And Saranac Lake homeowners take their town to court over increased property taxes.  Go to full article

All Before Five: 7/12/07

After severe weather tore through the area, some New Yorkers question whether National grid mishandled power outages... Sandy Treadwell's campaign to unseat Democrat Kirstin Gillibrand is picking up momentum and cash... Governor Spitzer touts reform of Workers Comp... And the Coast Guard wants YOU to keep an eye on everybody else on the St Lawrence River.  Go to full article

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Heard Up North

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Connecting with Heard Up North:

Nora Flaherty and other NCPR reporters call out to people in communties all over the region to get a first-person take on what is happening that day in one of the nooks and crannies of the North Country, or to share one of the unique voices that contribute to the choir that is our region.

The program is looking for individuals who can fill the bill in their community--the unofficial mayors of unincorporated villages, the diner counter know-it-alls, the barbershop networkers, the contrarian librarians. If you know someone whose tongue is well-strung, drop Nora a line.