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All Before Five

All Before Five, our afternoon regional news program, gives listeners a complete update on the day's news and weather, followed by the top regional features stories from NCPR News.

Nora FlahertyThe host of All Before Five is Nora Flaherty. Nora came to NCPR in March 2011 from WFUV in New York City, where she worked as a reporter and hosted a weekly interview program. She has become a familiar voice since then as a reporter for The Eight O'Clock Hour.

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All Before FiveAll Before Five
with Nora Flaherty

All Before Five with host Nora Flaherty (Program ended 8/3/12)
will air weekdays at 4:45 pm.

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 Recent All Before Five programs

All Before Five: 7/03/06

A million dollar NASA grant will fund a Plattsburgh training facility. Upstate residents deal with flood damage. And a missing woman in Jefferson County has Alzheimers. Plus, all about the Adirondack Guide Boat, and a sneak preview of the new Natural History Museum of the Adirondacks.  Go to full article

All Before Five: 6/30/06

Akwesasne Mohawks will have a say in when the St Lawrence Seaway opens in Spring. Mental health advocates achieve some parity with insurance coverage. Officials warn of high water in the backcountry. And a new law requiring background checks for new pilots could severely hurt rural flight schools.  Go to full article

All Before Five: 6/29/06

30 years ago, an oil barge spilled its guts into the St Lawrence River - changing people's relationship to the river forever...The Slick of '76 remembered. Plus, Finch Pruyn Paper for sale in Glens Falls. And a wilderness park that's wheelchair accessible.  Go to full article

All Before Five: 6/28/06

Governor Pataki has declared a state of emergency for floods in 10 counties in the Mohawk Valley and Southern Tier. We'll hear eyewitness accounts from the region. Also reports of heavy rains around the North Country, including high water levels on Lake Champlain. Also, Senators Clinton and Schumer demand debt relief for college students.  Go to full article

All Before Five: 6/27/06

St Lawrence County withdraws its support for the Akwesasne Mohawk land claim. Natural gas prices are coming down from Katrina-highs- we'll see what that means for customers. And French and Indian war reenactors at Fort Ti.  Go to full article

All Before Five: 6/26/06

A proposed law in Ogdensburg would bar sex offenders from living or loitering near schools. A new aerospace company plant in Plattsburgh has sparked lots more business interest in the area. And we explore the Adirondack roots of the painter Georgia O'Keefe.  Go to full article

All Before Five: 6/23/06

30 years ago today, Thousand Islanders woke up on a foggy morning to one of the largest inland oil spills in history. Today, the first in a two part series on the "Slick of 76." Also in the news: A multi-billion dollar computer chip plant will bring thousands of jobs to Saratoga Springs. Alcoa workers sign a contract, but the deal is bittersweet. Governor Pataki and legislative leaders reach a last minute agreement on the budget, which includes incentives for alternative energy, as well as the first step necessary for a Tupper Lake powerline.  Go to full article

All Before Five: 6/22/06

Time is running out for a new powerline running through Tupper Lake. Rescue workers search for a missing hiker near Inlet. One of the nation's foremost biofuel researchers says the North Country is ripe for the alt energy industry. And we seek "the perfect catch" with a 4-person crew team.  Go to full article

All Before Five: 6/21/06

Legislative agreements as the legislative session winds down. New York sues the EPA over mercury emissions. A preview of the 2006 bioenergy summit at Clarkson, as one farmer describes all the amazing things you can do with manure. And a three day trek through the remote region south of Cranberry Lake, near Wanakena.  Go to full article

All Before Five: 6/20/06

More details on the massive new development deal at Plattsburgh Air Force Base that could bring 1500 jobs to Clinton County. And when does community notification turn into harrassment? We talk to the Potsdam landlady targeted by a leaflet campaign aimed at getting a Level III sex offender to leave town. Then, civilian border watchers plan St Lawrence River patrols on the first ever "Minuteman Boat," as soon as they can get a boat....  Go to full article

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