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Another Playlist with Summer Dorr

Summer Dorr, host
Join host Summer Dorr each Friday from 8:00 to 9:00 pm for a playlist of new music, including: folk-techno, alternative country, pop and experimental. Plus a weekly featured segment: "Musician on Music" with Chris Clarke of Swimming in Speakers.

Another Playlist (stream archive)

An hour of folk-techno, "freak folk," alternative country, experimental, pop, and, well, spectrum-of-goodness, etc. Here's your place to listen to the latest edition of Another Playlist, hosted by Summer Dorr, anytime you want. This edition of this program is the lead segment of this stream. (This archive will only be available until next week's show is posted.)  Go to full article

About the Show

Summer Dorr says music--with lyrics talking and sounds emoting-- is one of her joy sources. MusicMUSIC! near always in her ears.

"I find this steadfast pleasure in introducing or reminding others of bands/singer-songwriters/talents, who, I suspect, will one day be that much more embraced, appreciated, heard and loved. This show, if it has a core, is folk. Ah, but music deemed "folk" has many wonderful avenues it hangs out in, such as: folk-techno, “freak folk," alternative country, experimental, pop, and, well, spectrum-of-goodness et cetera…. The show will be a tad eclectic, but with lovely palatable tunes I hope many look up again after a listen!"

In also, Dorr's other time-holders include: writing and directing an independent film, Dissection of an Olive; working at the Potsdam Co-op; continuing her MFA in Creative Writing/Screenwriting; reading fictitious books; and guitar practicing.

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Finding Music

You can find or special order any of the music heard on this program from local music stores, including:
Northern Music & Video, Potsdam: 315-265-8100
Strawberry Fields, Potsdam: 315-265-7700
Ampersound, Saranac Lake:
Peacock Music, Plattsburgh: