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For a hip-hop artist who eschews commercial rap stereotypes and clichés in favor of thornier writing, the challenge is to do so without being a bore — Jeremiah Jae does this well.
Life, death and piety are the recurring themes in hauntingly beautiful <em>alabados </em>preserved by lay brothers called <em>penitentes</em>. "You have to feel them," one says. "You have to feel them in your...
One of the most respected figures in Latin music, the salsa singer had deep roots in both Puerto Rico and New York, where he influenced a younger generation of musicians.
The cousins have formed Black Jungle Squad, a collective of relatives and close friends. "Taking it back to the days when there was a lot more crews in hip-hop," says Jeremiah. "Like Native Tongues."
Few artists thrill and captivate live as much as Rodrigo y Gabriela. So it's fitting that the duo's new video, for "The Russian Messenger," is a no-frills performance highlighting their guitar work.
The rap duo OutKast launched what may be its farewell tour over the weekend at Coachella, but the group and its fans, who have waited a decade for the reunion, might not have the same expectations.
The rapper has earned a global name for fusing hip-hop, samba and Afro-Brazilian sounds with lyrics about the plight of Brazil's poor black and urban population.
When she's not touring the world with her band or playing impromptu sets on public transit, Rupa Marya is an internist at a San Francisco hospital.

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04/18/14 edition of The Beat Authority with David Sommerstein:

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The Beat Authority with David Sommerstein is a Friday show. It's a kick into the weekend, a bounce for your afternoon, a swing for your end-of-the-week step. A fresh, eclectic choice of dance music from all over the world. You may hear cumbia or bluegrass or afrobeat or jazz, but it'll keep your head a-noddin' and your spirits up. Join in the groove and enjoy. And if you have suggestions, e-mail 'em in!

David SommersteinHost David Sommerstein says:

Ever since I got a Fisher Price record player for Chanukkah when I was four, I've been a musical sponge. My favorite stuff is music that ventures across genres, and music that makes you dance.

Globalization has been a mixed bag, but it's sure invigorated the world of music. Salsa from Israel, flamenco from east L.A., Algerian rai from Paris, hip-hop from Senegal, reggae from Morocco--artists are borrowing at will, threading the sounds they hear on TV and radio into their own traditions.

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