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Urban and world Music
The nine-note tune made famous in Carl Douglas' 1974 song has served as a stereotype of Asian music since the 19th century.
African psychedelia, funked-up Indian <em>bhangra </em>and haunting music from France by way of Cuba — a deep treasure trove of cuts to end your summer on a high note.
A veteran of Little Joy and Los Hermanos, Amarante makes warm, tender music as a solo artist. Here, he strips songs from <em>Cavalo</em> down to their essence using just his voice and a guitar from the '30s.
"Now is the time that I'm actually thinking of myself as a musician," says Issa. "Things are hitting me like, 'Oh, damn, you have this responsibility.'"
A look at unexpected musical hybrids: what happens when Mexican and Indian styles meet, and more.
Jason Hamacher wasn't trained as a photographer, a musicologist or a member of a religious community. The former Frodus drummer simply felt compelled to document this music.
Hear the 82-year-old Jamaican guitarist, arranger and legend perform four songs in the studio.
The Trinidadian soca star is ready to follow up on the success of his breakthrough single, "Differentology."

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08/22/14 edition of The Beat Authority with David Sommerstein:

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The Beat Authority with David Sommerstein is a Friday show. It's a kick into the weekend, a bounce for your afternoon, a swing for your end-of-the-week step. A fresh, eclectic choice of dance music from all over the world. You may hear cumbia or bluegrass or afrobeat or jazz, but it'll keep your head a-noddin' and your spirits up. Join in the groove and enjoy. And if you have suggestions, e-mail 'em in!

David SommersteinHost David Sommerstein says:

Ever since I got a Fisher Price record player for Chanukkah when I was four, I've been a musical sponge. My favorite stuff is music that ventures across genres, and music that makes you dance.

Globalization has been a mixed bag, but it's sure invigorated the world of music. Salsa from Israel, flamenco from east L.A., Algerian rai from Paris, hip-hop from Senegal, reggae from Morocco--artists are borrowing at will, threading the sounds they hear on TV and radio into their own traditions.

David Sommerstein

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