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Cutaway with Jonathan Brown (program ended 11/5/10)

Host Jonathan Brown
Note: Cutaway aired its final edition 11/5/10. Host Jonathan Brown has moved on to Colorado Public Radio. In this time slot NCPR is now trying out Snap Judgment, a new weekly series from NPR and PRX featuring a musical brand of storytelling with host Glynn Washington.

About the Show

I come from a radio family, so I've known lots of DJs. My favorites always turned me on to new music. This is how our musical tastes (and libraries) expand.

This is one thing I'll try to do on Cutaway.

And I have to do it right. I remember riding in the car with my dad or brother and they'd point to the radio and say things like "nice segue." Really. Or they'd yell at the dash if the DJ played two songs back-to-back that just didn't go together.

The pressure's on, sort of. I have a legacy of good radio to live up to, but I have my horts (co- and otherwise) here at NCPR and, of course, you listeners to help me along.

And I have a bunch of great Friday music to play.

Tune in and let me know what you think--and what you want to hear next week.


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Finding Music

You can find or special order any of the music heard on this program from local music stores, including:
Northern Music & Video, Potsdam: 315-265-8100
Strawberry Fields, Potsdam: 315-265-7700
Ampersound, Saranac Lake:
Peacock Music, Plattsburgh: