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About Jazz at the Ten Spot

Jazz at the Ten Spot delivers the best of classic and contemporary jazz each week, only on North Country Public Radio.

Guy Berard
Host Guy Berard

Guy Berard, the founder and longtime host of Jazz at the Ten Spot is an NCPR volunteer, an artist, a jazz maven, and a retired faculty member of St. Lawrence University.

For an aficianado's paradise of jazz links & information visit the Jazz @ the Ten Spot website.

Guy's featured artist picks
Around 1945, jazz's traditional funeral rites manifested in a more modern form of tribute. Now, some of the music's most powerful tunes are written in memory of late colleagues. Hear five examples.
The singer performs two of Billie Holiday's signature songs, "Loverman" and "God Bless the Child," and discusses the haunting experience of portraying Holiday onstage.
The great jazz photographer Chuck Stewart recently found six rolls of 50-year-old film in his archive. They contained previously unpublished shots of John Coltrane recording his masterpiece.
On Feb. 5, 1953, Powell was uncommunicative face to face at the New York jazz club Birdland. But when he sat at the keys, it was a whole other story.
On Feb. 12, 1964 a high-stakes gig and some backstage tension led to a singular performance caught on tape.
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Jazz at the Ten Spot with Guy Berard
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08/23/14 edition of Jazz at the Ten Spot with Guy Berard:

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