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Jackie's featured artist picks
"I learned more from Bob Dylan's songs than I did from any class, in any time, at any school in my life," singer Ketch Secor says.
Like a big, friendly sheepdog that just can't help itself, the Virginia roots-rock group's music bounds right up to you and licks your face. This is a band with little use for muted gestures.
<em></em><em>JazzSet </em>ramps up with music from Newport 2012. From the Quad Stage, hear the first-call drummer and Grammy-winning vocalist lead inspiring sets, back to back.
From feel-good anthems to the late Maya Angelou singing calypso (really!), here are five must-hear songs of the moment.
At her record company's 75th-anniversary gala, the singer-songwriter performs with her labelmates — some of whom, like Wayne Shorter and Jason Moran, happen to be modern jazz stars.
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Finding Music

You can also find or special order any of the music heard on this program from local music stores, including:
Northern Music & Video, Potsdam: 315-265-8100
Ampersound, Saranac Lake:
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Music for a Monday with Jackie Sauter
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08/18/14 edition of Music for a Monday with Jackie Sauter:

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Host Jackie Sauter

Music for a Monday delivers the best of world and international music each week, only on North Country Public Radio.

Host Jackie Sauter says: Can't sing, don't play an instrument, but I sure do love music, all kinds, and I love sharing it with listeners on Mondays. Besides enriching our own lives, music really is a universal language and has so many possibilities for helping us understand each other better and come to a fuller appreciation of other cultures and world views.

The emphasis on the show is on world music, but we also take many eclectic side trips to swing, jazz, blues, folk, country, pop and beyond, with special attention paid to new releases that I think you would enjoy. Public radio listeners are a sophisticated and discriminating bunch, so keeping up with you is always a challenge.

And in case you need a list, here's one—my recommendations, some old, some new. I'll update it from time to time. If you like the show, you will like these recommendations!

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