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Aug 20, 2014 — Starting Thursday, FXX will air all 552 episodes of The Simpsons in the longest single-series marathon in TV history. Fresh Air listens backs to interviews with the show's creator, writers and actors.
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Aug 19, 2014 — In his new memoir, Doctored, Sandeep Jauhar describes a growing discontent among doctors and how it's affecting patients. He says rushed doctors are often practicing "defensive medicine."
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Aug 19, 2014 — Jeffords died Monday at the age of 80. In 2001, the moderate Republican decided to switch to an independent, tipping control to the Democrats. At the time, he explained his decision to Terry Gross.
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Aug 19, 2014 — There are many recordings of Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro. Do we need another?
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Aug 18, 2014 — With the release of the 131-track collection Soul and Swagger: The Complete "5" Royales, the group has finally gotten the recognition they deserve.
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Aug 18, 2014 — Author Adam Rogers says there are lots of myths about what causes hangovers. His new book, Proof: The Science of Booze, explores these and other scientific mysteries of alcohol's effect on the body.
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Aug 18, 2014 — The novel is about a flavor chemist who tests a sweetener on lab rats and monkeys and finds side effects the company covers up. Author Stephan Eirik Clark says he was inspired by Fast Food Nation.
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Aug 16, 2014 — Eric Schlosser's discusses his new book Command and Control; Ken Tucker reviews Spoon's They Want My Soul; The Knick creators talk about their new drama set in a New York hospital in 1900.
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Aug 15, 2014 — In a new memoir called Just Tell Me I Can't, Moyer explains how he became a better pitcher in his 40s than his 20s. Originally broadcast Oct. 2, 2013.
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Aug 15, 2014 — Lauren Bacall died Tuesday in New York at the age of 89. In 1994, she talked with Fresh Air about her early career, working with Marilyn Monroe and her intense love affair with Humphrey Bogart.
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