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Stephen HillHearts of Space grew out of former architect Stephen Hill's fascination with space-creating, ambient and contemplative music.

The program got started in 1973 as local late night music show on KPFA-FM in Berkeley, CA. In 1983 it went national via the NPR satellite system.

Hearts of Space is now heard on over 200 NPR affiliates and on Sirius-XM Satellite Radio.


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Recent items from the Hearts of Space blog
PGM 1050 'MIDSUMMER NIGHT 3' : july 25 - aug.1
Jul 25, 2014 -


The long days and short nights of midsummer are a special time. We retreat from our intense work schedules and attend festivals and celebrations, some crowded and intense, others quiet and restorative. We travel, take vacations, entertain friends and relax on warm summer evenings. As the night deepens, activity fades, and the lulling sounds of nature and warm breezes create a seductive environment, inspiring ambient composers to create poetic images of a soft, nurturing night.

On this transmission of Hearts of Space, an hour of ambient music for the season, on a program called MIDSUMMER NIGHT 3. Music is by ASCENDANT, DEEPER NET, ISHQ, ALTUS, S7VEN, CLAUDIO CASANUEVA, and RUDY ADRIAN.

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PGM 1049 'ENCHANTING' : july 18-25
Jul 19, 2014 -


The gene-splicing of the centuries-old Indian devotional chant with 20th-century recording technology and electronic instruments gave birth to a new hybrid. It began as a religious folk music tradition called kirtan, "a celebration of spirit through the chanting of sacred names."

Imported from India by adventurous westerners in the 1970s, it evolved into a more complex style: part devotional chant, part western pop orchestration, part expanded ambience. Fueled by the worldwide growth of yoga, in the last 30 years it's attracted a diverse international audience.

For Hearts of Space fans, it may take a bit of extra effort to extract the Ambient experience from the vocal textures and exotic Sanskrit lyrics. But for open-minded, open-hearted listeners, this music offers a sensitive world of authentic grassroots spirituality.

On this transmission of Hearts of Space, an Ambient devotional journey called ENCHANTING. Music is by DEVA PREMAL & MITEN, MANISH VYAS, JAYA LAKSHMI & ANANDA, SHANTALA, CHINMAYA DUNSTER, JOY, and SACRED EARTH.

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PGM 1048 'CLOUD NINE' : july 11-18
Jul 11, 2014 -


Summer...inspires an even more ethereal brand of Ambient electronica. Whether flying or floating on the balmy breezes, the sounds are airy and the movement is light and buoyant. The words we use to describe the moods it creates are superlative: joyous, blissful, ecstatic, delightful — even heavenly. And when it comes to heaven, for some reason we prefer the seventh.

On this transmission of Hearts of Space...an ambient-electronic-summer-journey called CLOUD NINE. (Yes, we also number the clouds.) Music is by CHRONOTOPE PROJECT, FANGER & SCHONWALDER, JOHN LYELL, ARIEL KALMA, and DAVE LUXTON.

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