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Thanks to the following individuals for their contributions of time and energy to make the Adirondack News Fund Challenge possible.

Steering Committee:
Rhonda Butler, Co-Chair
Margot Ernst, Co-Chair
Meredith Prime, Co-Chair
Michael Ellis
Dick Fay
Stephen Hopkins
Barbara Glaser
Nancy Keet
Carol Pearsall
Harriet Singer
Tricia Winterer
Tony Zazula

Advisory Board:
Charity and Jim Marlatt
Louise Gaylord
Sarah & Linda Cohen
John Colston
Bill Knoble
Pooh & Charlie Ritchie
John Rosenthal
Jeffrey Sellon
George Studnickey
Woody & Elise Widlund


Endowing NCPR: Adirondack News Fund

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Ellen Rocco

Adirondack News Fund Campaign: OVER GOAL!

Your generosity, from $5 gifts to $300,000 gifts was quite extraordinary. Our Adirondack News Bureau Campaign surpassed our $2 million goal by over $200,0000. That's a lot of money in a place famous for its many trees and mountains, and not the number of people with big paychecks. We're humbled by your belief and trust and generosity. $2,000,000 seemed an impossible goal just a few years ago. But, we were wrong.

Thanks to our volunteers from New York City to Johnsburg to Lake Placid who worked tirelessly on our behalf.

Thanks to our listeners who gave generously.

Thanks to the Adirondack Community Trust for its support.

Together, WE did it... Like all truly good things, our community made it happen. Thank you.

Thanks to our Final Challenge Fund Donors:

Margot and John Ernst, Elk Lake; Lee and Nancy Keet, Saranac Lake; Meredith Prime, Lake Placid; Michael Ellis and Kathleen Hanna, North River; Sarah and Linda Cohen, Old Forge; Larry and Nancy Master, Lake Placid.

Thanks to our Newest Adirondack News Fund Donors: (Gifts made to meet our Final Challenge --list updated December 31, 2008)

** Please let us know if you should be on this list and aren't! We'll make it right.

  • Several Generous Anonymous Friends
    Stuart and Joyce Angert
    Ellie Berger and Mike DiNunzio
    Bill and Percilla Chappell
    John and Beverly DeWeese
    Ted Edwards
    Fidelity Fund
    Louise and Ted Gaylord
    Joan and Reg Gignoux
    Barbara Glaser
    Tony and Bunny Goodwin
    Mary Lynn Heldman
    David Henry and Erica Neufeld
    Margaret Huskins
    Chris and Audrey Hyson
    Ron Johnson and Nikki Coates
    Jack and Marina LaDuke
    Lake Placid Education Fund
    Serge and Caroline Lussi
    Tom and Nadine Magee
    Phyllis Magnus
    Chuck Martin
    Kelly C. and Robert Nessle
    Marcy Neville
    Ewa Reid Hammer
    Brian and Ginny Ruder
    Kathy Sinnott
    Dr. and Mrs. Slaunwhite
    Bill and Susan Sweeney
    Peter and Francine Walker
    Tom and Patricia Willis
    David and Marcy Woodland
    Fran Yardley and Burdette Parks
    Susan Washburn and Kristin Rehder
    Curt and Katherine Welling
    Ted and Marge Glowa
    Lew Kinter
    Phyllis Wendt Pierce
    Charles and Nancy Buck
    Ruth Pelmas
    Steve and Judy Hopkins
    Robert and Monica Bradbury
    Laurence and Karen Meltzer
    George and Margaret Nagle
    Marjory Moeller
    Elizabeth and Irvine Flinn
    Ed and Lisa Weibrecht
    Isis Melhado
    Jane Castaneda
    Sue Stewart
    Julia Cadbury
    Helen Herzer
    J. Edward and Carolyn Fowler
    Richard Morrow
    Ed and Betsy Blodgett
    Kathy and Mike Clarke
    Donald and Mary Clifford
    Jackie Altman
    Chris & Kiri Brandy
    Melinda Little
    Mark Berninghausen
    Marsha Stanley and Tom Curley
    Rod and Dodie Giltz (Port Jackson Fund at ACT)
    Liam Hunt and Kathleen Stein
    Ray Curran and Kathleen Daggett
    Mary Kays
    Ruth Kuhfahl
    Fred and Connie Vanacore
    Phil Newton / Diane Fortado
    Bud and Joanne Maddocks
    Jay and Dorothy Federman
    Robert and Michalene Glennon
    Laurence and Marie Shorr
    Eleanor Sweeney
    Carl Hoffman and Elizabeth Naumberg
    Mark Chamberlain
    Rev Dudley Sarfaty
    Joe Beck and Bonnie Robinson
    Ted and Norma Wickersham
    Kathleen and Pete Wirth
    Barbara Rottier
    Hans Barner Rasmussen
    Robin Brown
    Christi Barber
    Emily Tyner / David Bielfield
    Michelle Pinard
    Anna Hoyt
    Patrick and Rolene O'Brien
    Roger Hart
    Besty Hodge
    Kathy Merritt
    Lynn Meyers
    Tom Warrington / Betsy Folwell
    Mark and Janet Collier
    Charlotte Mehrtens
    Richard Brandt / Ellen Bieberman
    Jeffrey and Donna Fink (with corp match)
    David Craig
    Brenda White
    Mitchell Edelstein
    Rob and Dawn Sprogell
    Ronald Bretsch
    Eugenie Ledesky
    John and Catherine Werley
    Andy and Sally Joachim
    Stacy McNulty and Paul Hai
    Mark Johnson / Lauren Glenn Johnson
    Andy Manigel and Daun Martin
    Jim and Cindy Bisson
    Laurie and Mike Trudo
    Robin Brown
    Paul and Linda Gutmann
    Jennifer Knapp McGrew / Chris McGrew
    Janis Lee/Mike Secone
    Michael and Christina McCarthy
    Whitney McDermut
    Don Ream and Amy Smith
    Eddie and Joan Reed
    Chuck Bruha and Kathy Reagan
    Mary Lou Reed
    John A. Schaff
    Allen Spiegel
    Norm and Nancy Howard
    Steve and Judy Hopkins
    Charles McCutchen
    Jeffrey Sellon
    Bob and Judy Lievense
    John Flanzer
    Elise Tupper
    Randy Giltz
    Michael and Mary Lou Marien
    Michael and Laura Gouthreau
    Robert and Kathleen Wiley
    Andrew Hahn
    Mark and Cecily Morris
    M/M Carl Huttel
    Carol Jean Pinney
    Robert Segall
    Joyce and Thomas Tuffey
    Eugene and Carol Kaczka
    Steve Baker
    Holly Chambers
    Jill and Wesley Vaughn
    Ronile Lawrence
    Randy Lalonde
    Don Mackay
    Cynthia Eyler
    Bill and Jan Localio
    Ann K. Van Delinder

Thanks to our Generous Leadership Donors

  • Anonymous Generous Friends: North Creek, Inlet, Glens Falls, Keene Valley, Blue Mountain Lake, Lake Placid, Lake Clear
  • Ann Adams & Gerry Kusler
  • Jackie Altman
  • Michael & Ellen Bettmann
  • Chip & Sandy Bissell
  • Jack & Eve Bogle
  • Jim & Marcia Brooks Family
  • Rhonda Butler & David Brunner
  • David & Lucy Carson
  • Mike & Kathy Clarke
  • Sarah & Linda Cohen
  • Joe & Rita Coney
  • Sara Jane & William DeHoff
  • Paul Dooling & Sandra Danussi
  • Baird & Nancy Edmonds
  • Michael Ellis & Kathleen Hanna
  • Margot & John Ernst
  • Evergreen Fund
  • Gloria Fant
  • Jay & Dorothy Federman
  • Linda & John Friedlander
  • Joan & Reg Gignoux
  • Barbara Glaser
  • Hank & Marion Hofmann
  • Steve & Judy Hopkins
  • Jack & Connie Hume
  • Tim Kemp & Suzanne Miller
  • Chris & Tom Kershner
  • Leslie Anne & Jim King
  • Bob & Judy Lievense
  • Dan & Carol Luthringshauser
  • Bud & Joanne Maddocks
  • Brian Mann & Susan Waters
  • Larry & Nancy Master
  • Charles McCutchen
  • Ed & Becky Milner
  • Allan Newell
  • Bengt & Polly Ohman
  • Mary Beth & Michael Peabody
  • Carol & Glenn Pearsall
  • Carol Poole
  • Rooney & Dick Poole
  • Meredith Prime
  • Prospect Hill Foundation
  • Pooh & Charlie Ritchie
  • Ellen Rocco
  • Mike & Lora Schultz
  • Grant Simmons
  • Harriet & Andrew Singer
  • Charles & Sally Svenson
  • Susan Sweeney Smith
  • Aileen Townsend & Peter Paravati
  • Barrie Vanderpoel
  • Carter & Julia Walker
  • Phyllis Wendt Pierce
  • Sandy & Joan Weill
  • Tricia & Philip Winterer
  • Cecil & Gilda Wray
  • Peter & Kathy Wyckoff
  • Fran Yardley & Burdette Parks
  • Tony Zazula

NCPR's Adirondack Service Fund is managed by the The Adirondack Community Trust based in Lake Placid.

About Listening

from Bill McKibben

Think of the Adirondacks and what sound comes to mind? The crack of a beavertail against an evening pond, perhaps, or the pines sighing in the breeze. Depending on the season, maybe the sound of a skate blade cutting into black ice, or the muffled semi-silence of a fat-flaked snowfall.

But 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, only one sound can be heard in virtually every corner of the park: the sound of North Country Public Radio. This vast region, bigger than Vermont or Massachusetts, has no newspaper that reaches every town, no tv station of its own. The only media source that ties together the park comes from the 19 transmitters scattered around the region.

Those antennas transmit dependable news from the outside world: Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and the rest of public radio's national offerings. But they also bring engaged, accurate, and comprehensive coverage of the Adirondacks, knitting together the diverse towns and hamlets.

One day Brian Mann, the Adirondack bureau chief, may be covering the ninety-miler canoe race, or following forest rangers as they try to cope with the bears at Marcy Dam. The next he may be focusing on how tiny North Country parishes cope with the loss of priests, or finding out what life is like inside the park's many prisons. Meanwhile, station manager Ellen Rocco, host of Readers and Writers on the Air, regularly interviews some of the nation's finest authors. Local folk and classical musicians appear many afternoons on the station's diverse music programs. Every year NCPR wins a skein of regional and national awards for its news and cultural coverage; and every year it wins new listeners among all kinds of Adirondackers.

Church supper coming up? Snowstorm appearing on the western horizon? North Country Public Radio is not only the best place to find out, it's often the only place. And in an emergency-the great ice storm of 1998, the creeping forest fires of 2002--it becomes clear just how much all of us who live and vacation here depend on the station. Not only that--if you listen to NPR's national news programs, you've doubtless heard how often NCPR's features are picked up for airing across the country. No station its size matches its contribution to the national network, a real tribute to its journalistic skill.

Now is the chance to guarantee the future of the station. Its listeners and business underwriters continue to be generous in their contributions, supporting the basic day to day expense of running the station with annual pledges. But that support is stretched thin in an area of modest incomes and sparse population. It's hard to make ends meet when trees outnumber people a thousand to one in your broadcast area.

And in recent years NCPR has taken on additional expenses. The Adirondack News Bureau, based at Paul Smith's College, represents the station's unique commitment to coverage of the mountains. But it's extraordinarily rare for a public radio station to operate a satellite bureau, and the cost is considerable. Meanwhile, the advent of new technologies represents new opportunities and new costs. The station's website has become the clear hub for regional news and events--one of the best in the nation. This service needs sustaining support.

And so, for the first time, the station is undertaking a major endowment drive. The money, which will be invested by an external proven team of advisors, will be used to underwrite those new programs that go beyond the daily operations of the station

I believe in North Country Public Radio. I know and trust its staff. Most important: none of us who live or vacation in the Park could really imagine being in the Adirondacks without the station.