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Annual Giving

More than 4332 households demonstrate their commitment to NCPR with membership donations. Total community giving during fiscal year 2007 reached $1,486,435. That's the total support we receive from individuals, organizations and businesses *74% of our total revenue for the year.

*Licensee support adds another 5%; Federal funding provides 13%; another 7% comes from the New York State Education Department and 1% from Studio and other income. We rely on St. Lawrence University, foundation, and government sources to fund our facility, equipment, and personnel costs.

For more information e-mail June Peoples, membership director or call (1-877-388-6277).

Leadership Gifts in FY 2007 (FY 2007: 7/1/06-6/30/07):

Geraldine C. Armani
Nancy Bell
Jim and Jean Benvenuto
Thomas L. Berger
Florence Bero
Thomas and Jane Bissell
Laurie Booth-Trudo and Michael Trudo
Jason and Gail Brill
Rocky and Betsy Buck
Dr. Gerald Cahill
Lisa and Greg Caito
Craig Carney
Jane A. Castaneda
Robert Collier
Joe and Rita Coney
David and Carolyn Cramoy
Lorene and Derek Davey
Raven Davis
LeRoy E. and Patricia DeMarsh
Christopher R. Dunn
Bill and Gini Dutcher
Stephen and Karen Easter
Dr. Steven D. Fisher
Kathleen Fitzgerald and Bob Josephson
Selma Foster and Walter Weitzmann
Brenna and Jeffrey Ginger
Irving and Sheila Goldman
George Gonos
Fred and Melinda Goss
Charlotte and John Greenizen
Crosby Hard
Dani Haseltine
Chrystal L. Hayman
M. J. Heisey and Phil Harnden
Jeffrey D. and Irene Horbar
David E. Hornung and Susan Ward
Dr. Stacey Howlett
Sarah Johnson
David and Nicola Jordan
Dina Kennedy
Brian and Sally Kirby
William Kirchgasser
Richard J. Leonard
Julia Loomis and Howard Runyon
Frances Lund and Troy Randall
Louis and Sandy Maine
Brian Mann and Susan Waters
Daun Martin
Dan and Gloria C. McCormick
Kevin and Alycia Miller-Lynch
John Mills and Margaret Balassone
Dr. and Mrs. Scott D. Minor
Jim and Joyce Monroe
Susan Neal and Bob Pettee
Celia Nyamweru and Njuguna Mwangi
Sara A. Ort
Laura N. O’Shaughnessy
Therese Patnode
Michael and Mary Beth E. Peabody
Laura Person
Laura J. Pfeffer
Carol Jean Pinney
Anselum L. Pominville
Donald Potter and Barbara Lake Potter
Charlotte Ramsay
Bob Reddoch
Mary Lou Reed
George and Carol J. Reed
Betty R. Rutherford
Mary Beth Sclafani
Michael and Ellen Seidman
Jerry and Toni Shaw
Harold and Carol Shippey
Dixie Smith
Armond and Ann Spencer
Michael and Jane Squires
Kate Stavenhagen and Don Nardiello
Daniel and Ann Sullivan
Sandra Uechi and David Crosby
Jeff Van Arsdales and Jan Virkler
Mildred Whalen
Frederick and Barbara Wilder
Sarah Woodin

Michael and Katherine Archibald
Peter and Barbara Beekman
Arthur and Sandy Bissell
Parker and Judith Blatchford
William and Karen Blough
Etienne and Lisa Boillot
Maegan Bos and Brian Ladd
Bill and Betty Bradley
William and Gail Bradley
Charlie and Freda Bradt
Dennie and Libby Brandt
Christopher and Linda Brandy
Ron and Millie Burkman
Don and Peggy Burlingame
Richard and Ellen Bush
Frederick C. Calder
Drs. Luis Canales and Susanne Daye
Preston and Joan Carlisle
Vasily and Mary-Ann Cateforis
Anitra Christoffel Pell
Jennifer and Trenton Clark
Timothy and Andrea Collins
Grant and Marguerite Cornwell
Terry de la Vega and Dale Hobson
David and Sandy Demarest
John and Beverly DeWeese
Allan and Carol Drew
Joe Duemer and Carole Mathey
Richard Dutton and Susan Swain
John Eckel
Nils and Lynn Ekfelt
Nancy Dotterer Field
Timothy and Amy Flack
Richard Gardner and Anne Monck
Frederick and Diana Genung
Peter and Linda Gibbs
Judith C. Gibson
Peter and Marilyn Gillespie
Larry and Judith Glasser
Joy Gokey
Tony and Bunny Goodwin
Clancy H. Gratto and Colleen Livingston
Linda Griffin and Tom Patterson
R. Avery Hall and Andrea Rogers
Calista L. Harder
Hank and Marian Hofmann
Chris Horn and Judith Vernon-Horn
Norman and Nancy Howard
Robert and Kristin Hyams
Gene and Carolyn Kaczka
Brad J. Landry
Sara and Bill Leo
Lee and Yvonne Lewandowski
Phyllis Magnus
Anne Malone and Milner Grimsled
Lynne H. Matott
Bob and Betsey Matteson
Louise McCarren and Ed Amidon
Thomas and Amber McKernan
Peter and Nancy Miller
Ed and Rebecca Milner
Richard Moose
Jim and Martha O’Donnell
Daniel and Nancy Palmateer
Judith A. Pareria
Timothy and Beth Patrick
Don and Betty Peckham
Gary and Diane Pickering
Galen K. Pletcher
Ali Pomponio and Richard Perry
Thomas and Carol Pynchon
Eileen Raymond and Donna Smith-Raymond
Terry and Nancy Reed
Shirley A. Russell
Lynn Sarf and Rich Watkins
John and Betty Schlieder
Michael and Lora Schultz
Tom and JoAnn Schwalm
Stacie Sears
Grant Simmons
Bruce and Rosalie Smith
Everett and Martha F. Smith
John R. Sullivan
Susan Sweeney Smith and Andrew Smith
Cathy Tedford
Kelly J. Trombley
Valerie Trudeau
Jan K. Turcotte
Alfred Tyler, 2nd and Mary Tyler Daub
Anna Van Slyke
Pieter Visscher
Tom Warrington and Betsy Folwell
Susan Washburn and Kristin Rehder
Bill Weber and Amy Vedder
Robert and Patricia Wells
Ron Williams and Kathy Schaper
Mickey Williams
Thomas and Patricia Willis
Eric Wojahn
Robert and Blaikie Worth
Con Tech Building Systems, Inc., Bob and Beth Reddick
Countryside Veterinary Clinic
Ogdensburg Rotary Club, Inc
And other anonymous donors

The Altman Foundation, Peter and Margie Stern
Ann Adams and Gerald Kusler
Michael G. Alzo
Ben and Charlotte Benderly
Thomas and Marion Blauvelt
James and Marcia Brooks
Elizabeth Bryden
Peter V. Carls
David and Lucy Carson
Michael and Kathy Clarke
Duncan and Lois Cutter
Frances M. Davis
JoAnn Elberty
Jay and Dorothy Federman
Rene-Paul and Janice Forier
Edward and Elizabeth Gaylord
Rita Goldberg
Stephanie J. Gubelin
Robert Hoffman
Jack and Connie Hume
Margaret T. Huskins
Francis and Yolanda Kinnelly
Michael and Evelyn Kitay
Janet Langlois
Todd Lockwood
Daniel and Carol Luthringshauser
John and Jonathan Macdonald
Sebastian and Anne Mazzotta
Anonymous, Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo
Sandra McCloy and John Dewar
Bruce and Alice McClure
Drs. Elizabeth McCormick and Steve Scalia
Frank and Marilyn McNicholas
Arnie and Bonnie Miller
Henry Morlock and Ursula Jones
Eric and Judy Mower
Kate Newell
Don O’Brien
Aileen O'Donoghue
Bengt and Polly Ohman
Stephen and Deborah Page
June Peoples and Joel Hurd
Susan Powers and Will Siegfried
Wanda J. Renick
Charlie and Pooh Ritchie, Staritch Foundation
Phoebe and Allen Rogerson
Peggy Rood
John and Nancy Rosenthal
Joe and Diny Rupp
Mark and Louise Scarlett
Elizabeth Skarie and Jerry Greenfield
Roland and Nina Stearns
Michael and Joanna Rebecca Thompson
John and Georgia Vose
Peter and Francine Walker
Paul Willcott and Ann Laemmle
And other anonymous donors

Edward and Betsy Blodgett
Anonymous in honor of Ellen Cuthbert Burt
Sheila Cerwonka
Michael Ellis and Kathleen Hanna
Stephen and Judith Hopkins
Timothy Kemp and Suzanne Miller
Theodore and Mary Mascott
Ellen Rocco
Robert and Jackie Sauter
Jeffrey Sellon and Marilyn Burns
David Sommerstein and Lisa Lazenby
Barrie and Wynant Vanderpoel
William and Elise Widlund
Peter and Kathy Wyckoff
And other anonymous donors

Jeff and Allee Burt
Rhonda Butler and David Brunner
Wilbur and Peggy Cowett
Margo Ernst
Lee and Debby Hirschey
J. Richard and Carol Munro
Allan P. Newell

John and Eve Bogle

Louise McCarren of Charlotte, Vermont climbing on Glacier Grey, Chile.

Louise is a NCPR Sweetheart and was instrumental in securing a $35,000 Verizon grant for

"No matter where I am, or how hard the climb, I always think of the Radio Bob Show and smile!"

Foundations & Special Projects

  • The Adirondack Museum in support of the station's Adirondack arts and cultural coverage
  • ALCOA Foundation in support of NCPR’s Emergency Alert Service / Tower Replacement
  • Rhonda Butler and David Brunner for generously hosting an outreach event
  • Linda and Sarah Cohen in support of NCPR’s Adirondack Service
  • Greg and Kate Couch in support of StoryCorps
  • Anitra Christoffel Pell for generously hosting an outreach event
  • Margot Ernst for generously hosting an outreach event
  • Northern New York Community Foundation in support of StoryCorps
  • Barbara Glaser for generously hosting an outreach event
  • Lake Placid Education Fund in support of NCPR’s Adirondack Service
  • Jim and Charity Marlatt for generously hosting an outreach event
  • Bengt and Polly Ohman for generously hosting an outreach event
  • Paul Smith's College in support of Natural Selections
  • Glenn and Carol Pearsall Adirondack Foundation in support of Natural Selections
  • John and Nancy Rosenthal in support of technological enhancements to NCPR’s web service
  • John A. Sellon Charitable Trust in support of the Adirondack News Bureau
  • The Sweetgrass Foundation in support of StoryCorps
  • NYS Senator Jim Wright in support of NCPR’s Emergency Alert Service / Tower Replacement

North Country Reads Project Partners and Donors

North Country Reads is a collaborative one community/one book project that brought together a number of generous community organizations. This projected provided 2500 copies of this year’s book, The Ha Ha, to schools and senior citizens around the tri-county area. The author, Dave King, completed a 30 event marathon visiting libraries, school districts, and senior living environments around the region. We thank our generous partners and the project donors.

  • Jefferson Community College
  • Flower Memorial Library
  • Verizon Foundation
  • Northern New York Community Foundation
  • Henry Keep Home
  • Pratt Northam Foundation
  • Bernier Carr and Associates
  • Ronald McDonald House Children's Charities
  • Senator James Wright via a legislative allocation
  • Watertown Daily Times
  • New York State Council on the Arts Decentralization Program via the North Country Library System
    St. Lawrence and Lewis County BOCES

A Note of Gratitude

NCPR's broadcast license is held by St. Lawrence University. Throughout the stations history, SLU has provided financial and in-kind support, guidance and encouragement. On behalf of all of NCPR's staff and listeners, we extend heartfelt thanks to all at SLU. More than anything else, we appreciate how clearly they let us know they're proud of North Country Public Radio.

Special Community Partners

NCPR extends thanks to Serge and Caroline Lussi and The Crowne Plaza Resort & Golf Club Lake Placid for providing space for our Lake Placid repeater for over twenty years.

Thanks to Canton-Potsdam Hospital for providing NCPR with studio space and support services for our Canton operation. The board, administration and staff of Canton-Potsdam Hospital and Paul Smith's College are generous and supportive in so many ways, making our work possible.