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I moved to the North Country in 1971 and have lived on the same farm ever since. In this digital and virtual 21st century, I believe geography and place are more important than ever; I believe that living, working and raising children in a specific community can make a difference. I am passionate about the North Country because I know its people and special places, I know its weather and landscape; I am passionate about the North Country because it has a distinct and durable character; I am passionate about the North Country because it is a real place.

Ellen Rocco is NCPR Station Manager and a National Public Radio Board Member.

From the Northern New York Community Foundation's 2008 Annual Report celebrating the people who make the North Country special.

To make a gift, or to get more information about the NCPR Endowment, Call or email:

Ellen Rocco

Why invest in your station's endowment?

NCPR's Endowment is about independence--the independence to tell our stories, to capture our voices, to connect with each other across the region. Independence is only possible with secure funding free from political or economic influences.

NCPR's Endowment is about continuity--continuity of a crucial high quality service to the North Country community.

NCPR's Endowment is about continuously growing a permanent fund to support NCPR's independence, quality and continuity in the region.

Many from across the region have provided gifts ranging from $5 to $350,000 to help grow the station's endowment. Gifts to endowment take many forms: cash, bequests, stock, etc. You can make a real difference by adding your gift to our endowment fund.

Part of our endowment fund is managed by our generous license holder, St. Lawrence University. Adirondack-specific funds are managed by the Adirondack Community Trust () in Lake Placid.

Why YOUR Gift To NCPR's Endowment Matters:

  • NCPR is the ONLY entity providing daily national, international and regional news to the North Country region
  • NCPR is the ONLY entity producing features and stories on the people and issues for broadcast on national news programs.
  • NCPR's service has been recognized by many regional and national entities.
  • As electronic and print media continue to consolidate and become commercial in nature, NCPR's service is increasingly meaningful and important to the people who live, work and spend time in our region.
  • Your gift helps increase a permanent stream of stable funding. The endowment is essential for the continued reliability, quality and independence of the NCPR service.

We thank the following generous station friends who have invested in the station's endowment managed by St. Lawrence University. Donors to our Adirondack Fund are listed here: (link to Adirondack Service Campaign Fund)