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Volunteers Helping NCPR

Without the generous help of North Country Public Radio volunteers, we would be lost. An on-air fundraiser can require upwards of 150 individuals to answer phones. NCPR volunteers form their own special community; some return every year to help in fund drives. Some are familiar to all our listeners as music hosts and announcers. Some serve as station sentinels helping to ensure that we can be heard throughout the region. Others help arrange special events in their communities. Some climb mountains for us when a transmitter has gone on the blink. Others are our "Baker Street Irregulars," feeding us news and information from around the listening area.

Approximately 200 loyal volunteers donated more than 3100 hours of their time to NCPR in 2009. When we say that we couldn't do this without our volunteers, we really mean it.

2009 Volunteers of the Year

Special service warrants special recognition. Each year we select one or more Volunteers of the Year to honor the work that they have done to support the stations. Five 2009 awards were given Sunday, December 6th. The recipients Peggy Rood and Hank Hofmann for their work during pledge drives, Rachel Montpelier for her work on the community calendar, and Nancie Battaglia and George Arnold for their help with Stories, Food, Life.

Recipients from previous years include:

2009 Margot Ernst, John Ernst, Rhonda Butler Brunner, Michael Ellis, Dick Fay, Nancy Keet, Carol Pearsall, Meredith Prime, Harriet Singer, Tricia Winterer, Tony Zazula, Barbara Glaser, Stephen Hopkins, Linda Cohen and Sarah Cohen for their work as volunteers on the Adirondack Steering Committee.
2007 Maxine Quigg, Rosanne Weir, Kate Couch, Jayn Graves, Barbara Wheeler, and Karen Freeman for North Country Reads; Hilary Oak and Beth Robinson for Open Studio
2006 Bob Andrews for A Year on the Farm
2005 no award given
2004 Lieutenant Colonel Eric Olsen
Olsen's audio diary from Iraq
2003 Chris Robinson and Whitney McDermut
2002 NCPR Reading Service Volunteers
2001 Karen St. Hilaire, Paul Siskind, Betsey Kepes, Curt Stiles
2000 Varick Chittenden, Millie Whalen, Tom Warrington
1999 Jim Gould, Mike Alzo
1998 Suzanne Lebeda, Kathy Olsen
1997 Joe Liotta
1996 Alan Wioskowski
1995 Joann Elberty
1994 Willow Island Restaurant, A. Sirotkin, C. Hayes, prop., Guy Berard
1993 Jill Breit, Chris Brescia, Paul Connett, Kathy Millett
1992 David Carson, Fred Cleveland, Paul Haggett
1991 Carol Grzywinski, Carter Fish, Curt Stager
1990 Tellie and David Bray
1989 Wally Siebel

Some gifts are better than money. If you have some time to offer North Country Public Radio, please e-mail June Peoples, or call 1-877-388-6277.

2008 Volunteer of the Year Award recipients, the Adirondack Steering Committee

2007 Volunteer of the Year Award recipients (l to r) Roseanne Weir, Karen Freeman and Maxine Quigg of the North Country Reads project.

2007 Volunteer of the Year Award recipients Hilary Oak (left) and Beth Robinson (right) flank Open Studio host Todd Moe.

2006 Volunteer of the Year Award recipient Bob Andrews.