Who Funds NCPR?


NCPR is supported by:


A Note of Gratitude

NCPR's broadcast license is held by St. Lawrence University. Throughout the station's history, SLU has provided financial and in-kind support, guidance and encouragement. On behalf of all of NCPR's staff and listeners, we extend heartfelt thanks to all at SLU. More than anything else, we appreciate how clearly they let us know they're proud of North Country Public Radio.

Special Community Partners

NCPR extends thanks to Serge and Caroline Lussi and The Crowne Plaza Resort & Golf Club Lake Placid for providing space for our Lake Placid repeater for over twenty years.

Thanks to Canton-Potsdam Hospital for providing NCPR with studio space and support services for our Canton operation. The board, administration and staff of Canton-Potsdam Hospital are generous and supportive in so many ways, making our work possible.

Operating Income:

A Individual Donations &
A Underwriting Support: 55%
B Federal (CPB): 12%
C St. Lawrence University: 6%
D Foundations: 19%
E NY State: 2%
F Endowment Interest: 3%
G Studio and other income: 2%

Donated facilities and SLU in-kind support: $595,741
Total unrestricted support and
revenues: $2,661,142

Operating Expense:

A Programming, Broadcasting,
A News, Production, Public
A Media: 78%
B Development/Underwriting: 10%
C Management/General:9%
D Community Outreach: 3%

Donated facilities and SLU in-kind support: $595,741
Depreciation: $63,897
Total Expenditures= $2,700,141

NCPR's FY 2013 Audited Financial Statements (AFS)

Funding Sources

  • Donations: 4696 individual members gave support to NCPR in 2013. More about NCPR Donations | Give Now
  • Major Gifts, Endowment Investment Income, Special Projects: Special gifts to support the station's missions come from a variety of individuals and organizations, including those listed in the right-hand column. To learn more about special giving email Ellen Rocco.
  • Underwriting: Many small businesses and regional organizations contribute underwriting support for NCPR programs. More about Underwriting | Current Underwriters
  • St. Lawrence University: NCPR is a licensee of St. Lawrence University. In addition to financial support, the University provides in-kind support for infrastructure and administrative services.
  • Government Support: NCPR is funded in part by U.S. and New York State tax revenues via the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the New York State Council on the Arts, and other government agencies and publicly funded corporations.
  • Studio Income: NCPR also receives funds from studio income and royalties. More about our studio.