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UpNorth Forum: Leading Democrats and Presidential Hopefuls in Lake Placid

Vermont Governor Howard Dean at Rural Democatic Forum in Lake Placid

At this weekend's gathering of Democratic party hopefuls in Lake Placid, former Vermont Governor Howard Dean was definitely the "hometown" favorite. He brought with him large group of supporters, who waved banners and cheered his speech. Here's an excerpt of his statements.  Go to full article

Former Sen. George McGovern on Farming in Hard Times at Lake Placid Forum

Former Senator and presidential candidate George McGovern appeared at this weekend's gathering of Democratic party hopefuls. McGovern is now an activist and an author, working to reduce hunger in the world. He spoke eloquently about farmers who face hard times. Here's an excerpt of his statements.  Go to full article

Dennis Kucinich Takes on Factory Farms at Lake Placid Forum

Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich hopes to win the Democratic party's progressive wing. His rural policy would focus on battling corporate agriculture. Kucinich says he would win back Green party voters lost to Ralph Nader in 2000. Kucinich spoke with reporters over the weekend while in Lake Placid.  Go to full article

John Kerry Focuses on Education at Lake Placid Forum

Massachusetts Senator John Kerry also hopes to carry the Democratic Party standard into the 2004 presidential campaign. In his appearance before a rural Democrats gathering...  Go to full article

Joe Lieberman in Albany

Connecticut Senator Joe Leiberman visited Albany shortly after several other Democratic Presidential hopefuls addressed a rural issues forum in Lake Placid. Here are excerpts...  Go to full article