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UpNorth Music: FAQs

Why are we giving it away?

Because we know that there are a lot of musicians who deserve to be heard, but may have never had the opportunity to be recorded. The grant will give our on-air and online audiences the opportunity to hear many musicians living or performing in our community. Of course, we’re thrilled that this project will also provide a financial, creative, and promotional boost for musicians.

Who is eligible to participate?

Any musical act playing their music for the public. Any style of music is acceptable.

Do the songs have to be original?

No. If you have some original tunes we would sure like to hear them, but cover tunes are fine, too. However, if you use your recording for profit in any way you must purchase the rights to the song from its publisher.

Can I bring folks with me to the recording session?

Sure you can. We know that some musicians need to be playing to an audience to really get inspired, so you are welcome to invite friends and family to your session. If you play better when you’re alone, that’s fine, too.

What’s my next move?

If you’re interested in participating, you may register at our website or call Joel Hurd, the project coordinator, at 315-229-5356. And if you know any musicians who might be interested in participating, please let them know about the project.