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Music Heard UpNorth 3-CD Set

Track info and samples:

1. Put Your Hands Up High 4:07 |
Shu, Glens Falls | More from this performer
Ska, a rhythmically up-tempo precursor to reggae, is a strong musical influence on this band's sound. Like most of the bands we've recorded, though, their songs reflect other musical interests. Shu toured the Northeast extensively in the 1990s, mostly performing for university crowds.

Composers - Matthew Carl and John Deservio
Musicians - Bob Smith: vocals, guitar; Matthew Carl: vocals, saxophone; Bryan E. Mull: guitar; Eric D. Hanell: drums; Todd Haviland: vocals, bass
Recorded in Lake George, October 2007

2. Lipstick Stains 4:17 |
John and Orion Kribs, Corinth | More from this performer
John has been part of the North Country music scene for a long time. Many in the region remember him as a member of the well-loved bands Raquette River Rounders and Johnny & The Triumphs. He now performs in the band Delia. John's son, Orion, follows in his dad's musical steps, bringing his own unique voice and style of song writing to the stage.

"It was probably about three in the morning and I'm sure I was supposed to be studying for exams or writing term papers, but I ended up writing this song about close encounters, longing for love while each chance is missed...either that, or scary obsession."

Composer - Orion C. Kribs, 2006
Musicians - John Kribs: vocals, guitar; Orion C. Kribs: vocals, guitar
Recorded in Old Forge, June 2007

3. Land of the Free 4:27 |
Kevin Irwin
, Potsdam | More from this performer
"Brian and I had been noticing an increased 'Big Brotherism' and felt compelled to comment. As is often the case when we write together, one of us will have a part and prompt the other."

Composers - Brian Hawk and Kevin Irwin, 1981
Musicians - Kevin Irwin: vocals, guitar; Michael Welch: vocals, guitar; Donnie Cannemela: bass, percussion; Larry Baycura: drums, percussion
Recorded in Canton, 2007

4. Partners in Crime 5:15 |
Scott Shipley
, Hermon | More from this performer
This singer/songwriter wants his listeners to know that the words of his songs matter. He often includes double entendres in his lyrics for the benefit of careful listeners.

"I was thinking about how what we do can have an affect on other people and places. Our choices can do a lot of damage without our knowing it. As often as not, we don't want to know our impact on the world."

Composer - Scott Shipley, 2006
Musician - Scott Shipley: vocals, guitar
Recorded in Canton, January 2007

5. The Shores of Horicon 4:41 |
George Bailey Trio
, Lake Placid | More from this performer
George Bailey once dreamt that he played on stage with Doc Watson, and summer 2007 the dream came true when the George Bailey Trio opened for Doc Watson at a concert in Saranac Lake. All three members of this bluegrass trio write songs. Their first album Silver Bay was recorded live at a benefit concert for National Wildlife Federation in Lake George. We should also mention that Lowell Bailey was our only Olympian in this whole project (not that we expected any) having competed as a biathlete in the 2006 Winter Games in Torino.

"The song is about Sir William Johnson, one of the first large landholders in the Adirondack region and a close ally of the Mohawk tribe in what is now the area surrounding Lake George. The song was originally recorded as part of my undergraduate thesis. It was the first of seven songs about the history of logging in the Adirondacks."

Composer - Lowell Bailey, 2005
Musicians - George Bailey: guitar, banjo; John H. Doan: dobro, banjo; Lowell Bailey: mandolin, guitar
Recorded in Saranac Lake, May 2007

6. Please Write Home 4:04 |
, Jay | More from this performer
Esquire magazine rated this act one of the Top 5 unsigned bands on MySpace. Band member Scott Renderer describes their sound as "a really spare kind of sound that comes from a garage and a barn and has a lot of space in it..." Among other places, you can sometimes catch Monsterbuck at Recovery Lounge in Upper Jay.

"This song comes from a theatrical collaboration which was sadly never produced. I've always favored the dramatic possibilities of the world. When I saw the funky grand piano at Bluseed Studios, I thought maybe it would be a good fit for the murky chords of the tune."

Composers - Erik Ehni (lyrics) and Chris Kowanko (music), 1989
Musicians - Chris Kowanko: piano, vocals; Scott Renderer: drums; Byron A. Renderer: bass
Recorded in Saranac Lake, May 2007

7. No Song 4:12 |
Swimming In Speakers
, Massena | More from this performer
Chris Clarke lived all over the United States and Europe before returning to his hometown Massena last year. While living in Los Angeles, he became very interested in electronic music. A math whiz, Chris was delighted to discover computer programs that allow him to express himself musically.

"This song is best categorized as electronica. The looped samples were recorded by me at my home studio. A scratchy record sound was added to give it a retro feel. I used a guitar effects pedal to alter my voice during live recording."

Composer - Chris Clarke, 2006
Musician - Chris Clarke: synthesizer, guitar, vocals
Recorded in Malone, December 2006

8. These Walls 6:41 |
, Albany | More from this performer
This rock'n'roll band says that their approach to harmonies and song structure makes them different from other rock bands. Politics, relationships - even filling out a job application - provide themes for their songs.

"This is a self-reflective song I wrote about making changes within yourself to bring a positive outcome on others. Empowering yourself by learning and letting go of your mistakes."

Composer - Matt Sauer, 2004
Musicians - Ryan Devine: keyboards; Timothy B. Reilly: bass, lead vocals; Matthew E. Sauer: guitar, vocals; Brian T. Shafer: guitar; Kevin Wassink: drums
Recorded in Saranac Lake, May 2007

9. I Don't Smoke 2:35 |
Sven Curth
, Lake Placid | More from this performer
A former member of the band Jim, Sven is one of the musicians we've met who made a living for a while touring with a successful band. Also a former student of the Berklee School of Music in Boston, Sven has embarked on a solo career in which he offers listeners his humorous take on the "half-empty glass" in life.

"This song had two basic, underlying premises: fast honky-tonk mayhem and a good, solid irreverent/iconoclastic theme, e.g. me as a pontificating evangelical."

Composer - Sven Curth, 2007
Musician - Sven Curth: vocals and guitar
Recorded in North Creek, August 2007

10. Lock The Door 4:32 |
Joe Mama Band
, Queensbury | More from this performer
This act cares a lot about music, and about experimenting with different genres, but most of all they like to have fun when they're performing. Their 2007 CD release, Green Pepper Air Freshener, reflects the varied musical interests of the band members. Their "home away from home" is the Full Moon Bar and Grill, located between Lake George and Glens Falls.

"The song is about love gone bad - a relationship that is over and one half of the partnership is having a hard time letting go."

Composer - Philip Camp, 2007
Musicians - Mark Orlosky: piano; Jeffrey J. Britton: drums; Philip Camp: vocals, guitar; Martin J. Montend: vocals, bass
Recorded in North Creek, August 2007

11. Big City Girl 3:13 |
Meredith Luce
, Ottawa | More from this performer
This young Canadian musician's first CD, October, released in summer 2007, received favorable reviews in her home city Ottawa. Since then, Meredith has been touring the coffee house circuit in Ontario, Quebec, and New England.

"A friend of mine moved to Hong Kong when her husband received a job there. She dropped everything, including a successful career and many friends, in order to be with him. Through post cards and phone calls, we discussed how much she missed her little town (in comparison) and how disconnected she felt in her new setting. She eventually moved home."

Composer - Meredith Luce
Musician - Meredith Luce: vocals, guitar
Recorded in Blue Mountain Lake, July 2007

12. The Waiting 3:53 |
Kit Cornell
, Belleville | More from this performer
Brother and sister Barry and Janine have been performing together since they were teenagers. They've named their band after their mother, who was a performer well into her senior years.

"We wrote this song for the UpNorth Music project. It's about love and playing in a band."

Composers - Janine Smith (lyrics) and Barry Smith (music), 2006
Musicians - Janine Smith: vocals; Barry Smith: bass, guitar; Gary Sikes: drums
Recorded in Sackets Harbor, November 2006

13. Draw Me Away 3:03 |
2 Or More
, Dexter | More from this performer
This group of young Christian women took the name of their band from a verse in the Bible which says that God will be present where two or more are gathered in his name. They regard their performances as an act of devotion, though they are happy that their sweet, upbeat melodies appeal to general audiences, too.

"The song was inspired by the Song of Solomon in the Bible. The first verse is about God's love for us. The chorus is a response to His love. The main chord in the song is E major 7, which is one of my favorite chords because it sounds so beautiful."

Composer - Janelle Gmitter, 2006
Musicians - Janelle Gmitter: vocals, guitar; Rebekah Richter: keyboard; Nicole Southcott: violin; Kate Newtown: vocals, drums; David Southcott: bass
Recorded in Sackets Harbor, November 2006

14. When You're Gone 4:11 |
Crossing North
, Plattsburgh | More from this performer
Singer and guitar player Jen Carter-Kelly and her musical partner Bruce Lawson met when they collaborated for a holiday concert at a local church. They agreed to continue their musical friendship, even managing to do so when Jen was living in Mongolia. Songs traveled back and forth via internet until Jen returned to the United States and Crossing North was able to perform live again.

"For me, it's about some big chasm between you and your significant other and you're not quite sure how to get to the other side and come together. It was about figuring out what it takes to jump over that chasm."

Composer - Jen Carter-Kelly, 2007
Musicians - Jen Carter-Kelly: vocals, guitar; Bruce Lawson: vocals, guitar, bass
Recorded in Plattsburgh, September 2007

15. My Burdens Are Heavy 3:16 |
Atkinson Family Bluegrass Band
, Harrisville | More from this performer
Dick and Shelene Atkinson, and their children Liza and Adam, along with family friend, Mick, on bass, have had many wonderful opportunities as a family bluegrass band, including playing 4th of July celebrations at the U.S. Consulate General in Quebec City, where they were guests of the embassy.

"There are times when the burdens of this earth weigh us down. Whether it be losing someone close to us or the everyday trials we face, there are times everything is on our shoulders. Know there is a greater power that will free us."

Composer - Shelene Atkinson, 2002
Musicians - Shelene Atkinson: vocals, guitar; Richard Atkinson: vocals, banjo; Mick Dooley: bass; Liza Winters: vocals, guitar; Adam Atkinson: mandolin
Recorded in Old Forge, June 2007

16. Stone Valley 4:06 |
Cullen's Cross
, Potsdam | More from this performer
This act combines electric and acoustic music in their renditions of traditional Celtic tunes. While they still like to play coffee house gigs, Cullen's Cross appeals to a young dancing crowd with their more recent amplified sound.

The imagery in this song comes from the recreational trail system along the Raquette River in Colton, dams and all. The traditional fiddle tune "Julia Delaney" is woven through the piece.

Composer - Eric Loebs
Musicians - Eric Loebs: vocals, guitar; Bill Olsen: bass; Mark Seymour: percussion; Cathy Loebs: back-up vocals, guitar; with special guest Gretchen Koehler: fiddle
Recorded in Canton, January 2007

17. Take Care of Those Wings 4:06 |
Adrenaline Hayride
, Capital District | More from this performer
This relatively new bluegrass band brings together the talent of seasoned veterans from such well-known North Country bands as The McKrells. They play fast and fun, but they also want to express the entire range of emotion in their compositions, from elation to down-in-the-dumps.

"This song was inspired by my father, the Adirondack artist Robert Plumb."

Composer - Chris Leske
Musicians - Craig Vance: vocals, acoustic guitar; Arlin Greene: vocals, electric bass; Chris Leske: vocals, banjo
Recorded in North Creek, August 2007

18. Blind Mary 3:01 |
, Champlain Valley and central Adirondacks | More from this performer
Music as a family tradition is important to this Celtic band, several of whose members come from locally well-known musical families. They not only like to play "in the family," but they enjoy playing for families, getting the generations up and dancing.

Composer - Traditional
Musicians - Phyllis Perkins Ezero: keyboard; Philip Perkins: bass guitar; Joel Perkins: fiddle; Steve Borst: guitar; Susan J. Grimm: flutes, whistles
Recorded in Blue Mountain Lake, July 2007

19. Free and Green 4:11 |
Fraser Clan
, Harrisville | More from this performer
If you want to spend time with this large Lewis County family, plan to sing or play an instrument. Devoted to promoting Celtic music, the Frasers spend a lot of time together and music is always on the schedule. They've been known to draw crowds around them when they are just singing on family outings.

"This poignant tune is set on the American Civil War battlefields, where more than 160,000 Irish immigrants fought for the Union army. We'd like to dedicate this song to the patriarch of the Fraser family, Donald, who served bravely during World War II, and his wife, Ethel, who together not only encouraged future generations to follow the music, but to do so with passion and dedication."

Composers - Carl Funk and David Kincaid
Musicians - Laura Miller: vocals; Rod Fraser: vocals; Johnny L. Miller: vocals, fiddle, bodhran; Amanda Fraser: vocals, tin whistle, accordion, leg drums; Autumn Mono, vocals; Meghan Fraser: whistles, vocals; Linda Kielmeier: vocals, harmonies; Kelley Miller: vocals, mandolin; Leean Carbone: vocals, bass; Sheryl Luther: vocals; Evelyn D. Fraser: vocals; Kelsey Fraser: fiddle, vocals; Sharon Fraser Collette: vocals; Patrick Fraser: vocals; James Rooney: mandolin; Steve Miller: guitar; Kimberley Young: guitar, vocals
Recorded in Alexandria Bay, April 2007

20. Cuckoo 6:13 |
Althea Jean
, Canton and Clayton | More from this performer
It would be hard to say where the home base of this band is, since members live in Canton, the Adirondacks, and even Montreal. They often perform in the 1000 Islands. Althea Jean is a terrific live band. We caught that good energy in our recording of the band. For this recording we borrowed from the old bluegrass techniques and put up just a few mics, then the band moved closer and further from them to get the right mix.

"It's a song that I've been playing forever and in this little setting it's taken on a different shape. That's what's so cool about playing with this group of people. It's never scripted and you never know what's going to happen." - Everett Smith

Composer - Traditional
Musicians - Everett Smith: vocals, banjo; Claude Aldous: vocals, bass; Eliza Moore: vocals, fiddle; Kary Johnson: vocals, guitar; Curt Stager: vocals, guitar; David Garlock: vocals, guitar; Jeremy Greene: drums
Recorded in Canton, January 2007

21. Long Neck Blues 2:48 |
Dave Nichols and Spare Change
, Malone | More from this performer
Dave is known nationally as a master inlay artist and instrument maker, but he also loves to play bluegrass. He and his partner, Nadine, who plays bass, spend the summer on the road, playing at festival after festival.

"Written as a bluesy touch old-style country song that I thought would sound good for our bluegrass band."

Composer - Mike O'Reilly, 2006
Musicians - Dave Nichols: mandolin; Nadine Nelson: vocals, bass; M. O'Reilly: vocals, guitar; G. Greenland: banjo
Recorded in Malone, December 2006

22. Mountain Home 3:13 |
Drew & Annie
, Jay | More from this performer
Both professionals in demanding jobs, this husband and wife duo consider music their favorite way to spend relaxing time together. They often perform at weddings and other parties in the Adirondacks.

"Inspired by our mountain home in Jay, a place where there is always music."

Composer - Drew Sprague, 2005
Musicians - Annie Stoltie Sprague: vocals, violin; Drew Sprague: vocals, guitar
Recorded in Plattsburgh, September 2007

23. I Believe 3:02 |
Annette Miller
, Dexter | More from this performer
During the summer, Annette sings regularly at resorts in the 1000 Islands. Year-round, she sings at the Pier 1 restaurant in Clayton every Sunday. Her original music is a little bit country, a little bit pop, a little bit rock'n'roll.

"Most of my songs aren't pre-planned. They come like a puzzle in my head. This came to me driving down the road one ugly spring day. I see words in my head like the New York Stock Exchange. It can make driving interesting."

Composer - Annette Miller, 2007
Musician - Annette Miller: vocals, guitar
Recorded in Alexandria Bay, April 2007

24. Last Tribal Nation 4:11 |
Atsiaktonkie, Akwesasne | More from this performer
"Doogie" calls himself a crossover musician. He relies heavily on Mohawk musical customs, such as calling, in his songs, but uses them to create a more contemporary rock sound.

"This song is about prophecy, total spirit, and truth. It's about man finally looking at himself. The style is alter-Native folk, using the Great Wa technique."

Composer - Atsiaktonkie, 2006
Musicians - Atsiaktonkie: vocals, guitar, percussion, flute; Louis Terrance: bass
Recorded in Akwesasne, February 2007

25. Wave 3:33 |
Dan Hammond, Clayton | More from this performer
A steel drum is a surprise in the North Country, but Dan Hammond believes this Carribbean instrument is a great match for the sun, water and resorts of the 1000 Islands. In addition to playing Carribbean style music, he adapts local music, such as old-time fiddle tunes, to the instrument.

"'Wave' was one of the first songs Tony and I learned together. I have a particular affection for Brazilian music. To my taste, it represents a perfect balance of intricate rhythms, interesting harmonies, and beautiful melodies."

Composer - Antonio Carlos Jobim, 1967
Musicians - Dan Hammond: steel drum, assorted percussion; Tony Soluri: guitar
Recorded in Sackets Harbor, November 2006

26. Our Love is Here to Stay 3:06 |
Thistle Tulla Carson and Jerry Lavene, Mineville & Plattsburgh | More from this performer
Jazz vocalist Thistle Tulla Carson loves to evoke the glamour of the 1920s in her stage appearances. She dresses in velvet gowns, long gloves and pearls for performances, hoping to transport her audience to a simpler, maybe more romantic time. Jazz guitarist Jerry Lavene accompanied Thistle for the UpNorth Music recordings.

"This is the quintessential never-ending, unbeatable, unbreakable love song. It's reminiscent of the innocent early part of the last century, when purity, fidelity and sincerity were a more natural part of love's reality."

Composer - George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin
Musicians - Thistle Tulla Carson: vocals; Jerry Lavene: guitar
Recorded in Malone, December 2006

27. There Will Never Be Another You 4:11 |
A Fine Line, Potsdam | More from this performer
It's not usual to play jazz at 8:30 in the morning, as this duo did for their UpNorth recording session, but Dan Gagliardi and Bill Vitek didn't mind. Both agreed that playing jazz gives musicians more energy than it takes.

"It's a favorite of ours. Dan likes to sing it on occasion and sometimes forgets the words. He always makes up good ones to cover."

Composers - Harry Warren and Mack Gordon
Musicians - Bill Vitek: piano; Dan Gagliardi: bass
Recorded in Canton, January 2007

28. Meditation 3:46 |
Sam Hopkins Band, Clayton | More from this performer
The rich tones of Sam Hopkins voice, and the unusual inclusion of a mandolin in the band, give this act a distinct jazz sound. Sam Hopkins has been the lead vocalist in a number of rhythm & blues, jazz, and blues bands in Canada, and more recently, in the North Country. As a singer, Sam believes it's his responsibility to attract musicians who can play to what his voice creates.

"A funny story related to our style of doing this song is the idea of having a mandolin play jazz tunes and it sounds just great! I showed up at a gig one evening and there was a mandolin lying on the stage. I thought, 'This is jazz, and I've never heard a jazz mandolin. OK, we'll see.' Man, that mandolin had a great sound, part of what gives us our unique signature."

Composer - Antonio Carlos Jobin
Musicians - Samuel Hopkins: vocals; Charles Darou: mandolin, guitar; James J. Burr: keyboard; James Rooney: bass
Recorded in Alexandria Bay, April 2007

29. Hangin' 5:10 |
Jonathan Lorentz Trio, Capital District | More from this performer
A doctoral student in jazz performance at NYU, saxophonist Jonathan Lorentz used his UpNorth Music session to explore a few of his original compositions with other experienced musicians. All adept at picking up and playing unfamiliar tunes, they developed the themes of the compostions into solid recordings.

"I was inspired to write this song while living on 236 Street in NYC. I feel that it reflects a time in my life when day to day living was as equally exciting as it was stressful. This song is a fast extended blues. It provides a vehicle for energetic expressive improvisation. If it's played fast enough, it becomes a matter of Hangin' in there."

Composer - Jonathan Lorentz, 2004
Musicians - Eric D. Hanell: drums; Jonathan K. Lorentz: tenor saxophone; Anthony Santor: double bass
Recorded in Lake George, October 2007

30. Sweet Georgia Brown 3:00 |
Dave Ruch, Piercefield | More from this performer
In addition to being a skilled guitarist, Dave is a scholar of traditional music in the Adirondacks. Part of his job as an educator is to offer special programs in schools all over New York State, logging over 100 stops in a school year.

"As a kid, I knew this song as the Harlem Globetrotters theme. When I heard Doc Watson's guitar-based version of the song back in the late 1980s, I decided to learn the melody. I love to play over the chord changes. It's just one of those 'feel good' songs."

Composers - Bernie, Pinkard, Casey
Musician - Dave Ruch: guitar, mandolin
Recorded in Blue Mountain Lake, July 2007

31. Black Crow 2:07 |
Bailey & Feinbloom, Westport | More from this performer
Short and sweet, simple stories are the kind of blues songs Russ Bailey likes to write. They perform often near their homes in the eastern Adirondacks, hoping just to make their audiences feel happy. Steve Bailey claims he is often known as the guy whose bass blew up during a performance at the Lake Placid Center for the Arts.

Composer - Russ Bailey
Musicians - Russell B. Bailey: vocals, guitar; Steve Feinbloom: bass
Recorded in Plattsburgh, September 2007

32. Pony 5:56 |
Mark Tolstrup, Saratoga Springs | More from this performer
The powerful voice Mark brings to his blues act is a legacy of his years performing on the street, where you have to sing out to be heard. He still vividly remembers playing through the night on Bourbon St. in New Orleans. Mark's 1930s national steel body resonator guitar is perfect for the slide playing he favors.

"I liked this song the first time I heard it. From Homer's Odyssey to the ruby slippers, everyone strives to go home. If only we had a pony to lead the way."

Composer - Tom Waits
Musician - Mark Tolstrup: vocals, guitar
Recorded in Lake George, October 2007

33. Baby, Surely Do 2:51 |
Hard Pushin' Papa, Brockville | More from this performer
"This song appeared on a sunny summer day in 2005 during a period I was writing for the Pitchin' Day CD. I was playing slide guitar in open G and came up with the catchy hook based loosely on Muddy Waters' 'Can't Be Satisfied.'"

Composer - E. Patrick Johnson, 2005
Musicians - Pat Johnson: vocals, guitar, mandolin; Matthew Wilson: tuba; Glen Crotty: drums
Recorded in Canton, September 2007

34. Holiday 2:22 |
Mark Mason, Schenectady | More from this performer
Mark's recent obsession with the late Tedd Browne (Mark re-issued Browne's Lake George Musical Portrait on CD this past year) made its way on to his UpNorth Music session. This festive song celebrates the joy of vacationing in Lake George in the 1960s.

"Having proudly survived fifty-four years on this Earth, I remember Lake George Village in its heyday, the 1960's. The song 'Holiday' captures perfectly what the village was like 'back in the day' when having a good time was simply that. Every time I perform Tedd Browne's song 'Holiday,' I go back to the days when people were not afraid to smile at one another and mean it!"

Composer - Tedd Browne, 1964
Musician - Mark Mason: guitar
Recorded in Saratoga Springs, November 2007

35. Kaleidoscope 4:04 |
Neil J. FitzGerald, Potsdam | More from this performer
The sound of Windham Hill recordings inspired Neil to get serious about playing acoustic guitar. He especially likes to experiment with alternate open guitar tunings. Neil says, "It's been really fun to make the guitar the lead, the melody, the percussion, the bass and try to incorporate that into a solo guitar song."

"I wrote this song after attending a workshop with Canadian master guitarist Don Ross. This song is a patchwork of the techniques and dynamics I learned."

Composer - Neil J. FitzGerald, 2006
Musician - Neil J. FitzGerald: guitar
Recorded in Plattsburgh, September 2007

36. He Gave Her Water 1:51 |
Maxon, Dexter | More from this performer
Great vocal harmonies and a great sense of humor characterize this band composed of three brothers and a close friend. Most of Maxon's repertoire is Christian music, but they play a range of songs from Broadway shows, Brittany Spears and even Kermit the Frog.

"We were asked to sing at church, and by Saturday night, we were still unable to agree on a song all of us actually knew and liked. Then someone remembered this song. Wonderfully, we all knew the words and the parts. We did it at church, and a few days later for the UpNorth Music project."

Composer - Traditional
Musicians - Stephen Maxon: vocals; Jeremiah Maxon: vocals; Thomas Maxon: vocals
Recorded in Sackets Harbor, November 2006

37. Fumu Yane (I Am Satisfied) 4:37 |
Mzuzu Youth Choir, Malawi | More from this performer
This 12-member youth choir toured the North Country in the summer of 2007, hosted by the Presbytery of Northern New York. This African choir is based in a Presbyterian congregation in Malawi, where traditional music combines with Christian hymns.

"In Malawi we are doing fine with music. In singing we've got good talented people." - Choir Director Grace Chiumia
Recorded in Watertown, July 2007

38. Rich Girl 3:02 |
Bear Fox, Akwesasne | More from this performer
Theresa Fox remembers that there was always music in her childhood home. As an adult she sings all the time, even doing dishes. Her songs, performed a cappella with a rattle to establish the rhythm, tell stories about her life at Akwesasne.

"It's a story about my life growing up. I always felt we were rich because my parents provided well for our family. We always had food and clean clothes. Always felt loved and laughed a lot. Actually, we did not have a lot of money, did not even have a car. But I am rich with love."

Composer - Bear Fox, 2003
Musician - Theresa Bear Fox: vocals
Recorded in Akwesasne, February 2007

39. I Wish You Love 2:31 |
For Heaven's Sake, Watertown | More from this performer
Having won the international first place title "Harmony Queens" in 1996, this female barbershop quartet is no longer eligible for competition, which gives them the freedom to sing anything they like, including tunes that would not meet competition criteria. Many of their rehearsals take place in the car, en route to performances.

"This is Mary Ann's arrangement of the song, and it's easy for us to sing it because the lyrics are meaningful to us. Recently, we heard this song in the movie Lake House, which we were all watching together after a show. We squealed in delight!"

Composers - C. Trenet and A. Beach
Musicians - Laurie Jo Shepherd: lead voice; Katie Taylor: bass voice; Lorie Autote: tenor voice; Mary Ann Wert: baritone voice
Recorded in Alexandria Bay, April 2007

40. Moto Perpetuo 3:14 |
Frontier Saxophone Quartet, Clinton County and Quebec | More from this performer
Composed of music educators from Northern New York and Quebec, this classically-trained quartet recorded contemporary compostions discovered on travels abroad. One piece from Finland, another from France, and finally, one from Holland.

"'Moto Perpetuo' was in a pile of music I sent home from Amsterdam when I was traveling in Europe after college. I stopped in music shops everywhere I went, purchasing any piece for saxophone that I had never seen before. We've performed it many times, and it never fails to please." - Dan Gordon

Composer - Jaap Geraedts
Musicians - Linda Sullivan: tenor saxophone; Claudia Schaetzle: soprano saxophone; Daniel Gordon: baritone saxophone; Todd Pray: alto saxophone
Recorded in Plattsburgh, September 2007

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